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pnk mI am wearing a PNK Casual outfit,  Louboutin heelsand Celine sunglasses from Optiblu

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



I ran out of chill pills these days. Which means that naturally, I am not that chill. Which also means that some things really get on my nerves. Which mean s that I pulled Maurice and his famous lists




  • the people who walk on my street everyday, at 8 am, shouting from the bottom of their lungs that they’re buying  iron (you surely know what I mean, this is Romania)
  • people who act in a certain way just to impress other people
  • pointless dramas – like “the guy I liked didn’t look at me the way I wanted. I am so sad” – stop it, women and get a fucking life!
  • beautiful mansions that are left to degrade for some people’s interests
  • the fact that Blooms don’t last more than 3 days from the day I buy them
  • the fact that I can’t find the perfect lamp shades for my reading lamps – been searching for them for two months now
  • my laziness towards going at the gym and eating healthy



And most of all, these days, what really got on my nerves are two characters who thought that making fun of a solidarity campaign for a really tragic fact  is the coolest thing to do that day!


.But since we’re living in the think positive era – let’s take it easy and make fun of it. Let’s say kiss my ass  to our nerves and find something to laugh about! (can’t show you my ass, I got old, I think I have cellulite)


hahahaha m .



Style tricks


 Hahhaha, here’s a handy trick – Dress delicately and feminine and you can even make not so politically correct remarks or gestures. It will not be that bad. Like you’re a ballerina that also swears. Everybody loves ballerinas, who cares if they swear?!? Haha

I love, love, love this powder pink outfit from PNK Casual. The color is on trend,  it’s feminine and so flu-flu (can’t find other word right now, perdon)









Aneta Morodaneta

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  1. Daniela says:

    You are awsome! There a few points we have in common!

  2. sorina raducanu says:

    frumoasa rochita 🙂 e culoare mea preferata!

  3. Yasmina says:

    wow :))) what a beautiful statement! this is why i love you Ana!

  4. ELI ELENA says:

    you look stunning, si pe langa asta, esti cu totul uimitoare <3

  5. Vanessa Youngdaughter says:

    you look great, don’t worry about it, we all have this fight with ourselves about working out, it’s not easy but it’s worth it! we can do it we can do it 🙂

  6. Hera says:

    hihi I can’t believe you did that! love it

  7. Why Noy says:


  8. popescu A. says:

    daca te ajuta cu ceva, cred ca e o stare generala…vorba aia, altfel ne-am plictisi

  9. georgiana savu says:

    ador personalitatea ta care face tot ce pui pe tine sa arate indraznet si delicat in acelasi timp, esti minunata Ana!

  10. vera says:

    PNK vin sa iau rochia :)) e perfecta pentru nunta la care merg sambata 🙂

  11. XENIA the Chic says:

    azi e o zi in care meriti multe buchete de flori ca sa te inveselesti 🙂 esti superba


    as usual, fuuny but witty…we must find the way to laugh about it, nothing is really that tragic usually, it only depends on how we want to look at it, you said that once

  13. The Closet says:

    love the dress and the rings <3

  14. bianca says:

    true style, esti chiar foarte cool rochia ta!

  15. candrea nadia alina says:

    super tare!!! Te urmaresc, ce e drept mai mult pe FB, dar astazi mi-ai atras atentia intr-un mod mai spcial decat o faci de obicei si nu imi pare rau ca am “sarit” sa citesc postarea repede repede!!! Esti tare de tot, te felicit pentru discurs si dezinvoltura, pozele sunt foarte reusite, modelul superb! Mi-am dat seama ca am o rochie de o factura asemanatoare care ma asteapta in dressing, mi-am dat seama ca am si pantofii potriviti la tinuta, acum ma gandesc doar ce accesorii as putea pune, pentru a completa tinuta! Iti multumesc mult de tot pentru aceasta postare, de reala inspiratie pentru mine astazi ! :-* smile 🙂

  16. Chic&Chic says:

    dressed in style for better or worse! no matter what kind of day you are having, i love your style Ana, and that makes try harder :*

  17. Crazy for Fashion says:

    your logic is just one of a kind! you make me smile :))))

  18. Fete Fine says:

    si mie imi place rochia si imi place flu-flu 🙂

  19. Mary Queen says:

    nice blog, hello Ana!

  20. Nutzi says:

    eu cand am o zi asa gasesc un moment sa dansez singura si sa ma rasfat, de la mama am invatat asta. dupa aceea totul se schimba doar pentru ca ma relaxez. foarte frumos inelul tau esti frumoasa !

  21. Do It Now says:

    only a style icon can dress so sweet and be so daring, loved it!

  22. Darling Jane says:

    put some funky 80s music on like on Sunday at your Shop My Wardrobe 🙂 that is what i did right now!

  23. Madalina says:

    haha good point! cand arati bine iti poti permite multe! true!

  24. Fusta Bunicii says:

    lipsa ta de inhibitii e cel putin inspirationala!

  25. geanina t. says:

    yap i hpnestly don’t think i can make it through this day daca nu incep sa make fun of it NOW. word!

  26. the peaceful one says:

    You are just …AWSOME!!I think I have a girlcrush!! 😀

    ** and a little tip : put a few grains of “sare de lamaie” in your vases and your blooms will last a little longer 🙂


  27. SabinaWho says:

    Yeah, for the fourth bullet I somehow get the image of a bug that fell on its back and can’t flip over :-):-)
    P.S these strange men calling that, well is just an excuse for them to see who is home and who is not, so as to take action. ( burglary)

  28. Soos Cristina says:

    Baiiii dute amu cu bugyigaii tai ❤
    Loveeee nu gluma

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