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14 May 2014 / By / 18 Comments

aviatorilor 41
aviatorilor 41 outfit


superb anaI am wearing a Marc Jacobs overall , a Louis Vuitton bag and Fendi mules – all from Aviatorilor 41

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev –Make-up by Anca Buzea




Well, it was about time. The rest of the world has Viestiare Collective, Vente-Privee’s and many other places like that. Now we have Aviatorilor 41 – the IT place in Romania where you can shop second hand high end fashion. From Prada to Isabel Marant, from Margiela to Lanvin, from Blahnik to Louboutin, you can sell or buy pretty much everything from this high-end brand boutique.


I for one, I love fashion! And fashion was and is a big part of my feminine universe ever since my grandmother told me that red lipstick, red nails and the right dress will make your adorers love you more and your enemies stay away (tested it several times, it works, I’ll explain in tomorrow’s post).


Well, thank God I’ve reached a level of maturity and financial responsibility that I don’t go and throw all my money on a bag – except on exceptional Sundays – and this is where a boutique like Aviatorilor 41 comes in hand.




  • because I can sell all my high end items that were just a seasonal love
  • because I can buy an item that I crave but don’t want to rob a bank for it
  • because we should not give a  f*** about fashion judgmental opinions who say that an item is only cool if bought from the brand flagship store and if it’s new
  • because  everybody should be able to enjoy beautiful items
  • because fashion is supposed to be fun



Pay them a visit if you like, they have cookies and Valentino!









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  1. Ioana says:

    You see, this kind of posts make me regret that I don’t live in Bucharest! Tell them to go online! Tell them to go online! 😉 you look stunning as always!

  2. Anca says:

    De cand asteptam un asemenea loc si la noi! Il voi vizita cu placere 😉

    Cinderella on the Runway

  3. nicolette says:

    and the day has come! glorious news for a fashionista like me!

  4. True Chicness says:


  5. Tres Jolie says:

    that overall is just all eyes on! you look amazing

  6. Sorana says:

    Aviatorilor 41 bine ai venit!

  7. Floarea says:

    imi place fiecare piesa in parte dar modul in care le-ai combinat…stylingul e superb <3

  8. Kiki says:

    you always bring the good news :))) love that about you

  9. Julie says:

    arati extraordinar imi place tot dar mai ales geanta

  10. Denise Girl says:

    sensational style!

  11. Princesses and fairytales says:

    mmm love the shoes!

  12. Lilica says:

    locul perfect pentru ziua de salariu 🙂 cred ca nu vorbesc doar in numele meuuuu

  13. Teodosie Felicia says:

    important e ca sunt de calitate, spre deosebire de hainele si accesoriile de la mass market…eu una m-am saturat de ele…

  14. Vero says:

    cookies and Valentino sounds like a good plan for a rainy day like this 🙂

  15. Kristal says:

    you shiny shiny fashionista <3 love your style

  16. Soos Cristina says:

    Mmmmiii piace tinuta de azi …Sabotiiii nu zic ❤
    Pana una alta ii admir situl pe fb 😉

  17. Rona says:

    Perfect jumpsuit!

    Dress To Cook

  18. candrea nadia alina says:

    super! pacat , nu sunt din Bucuresti si nici macar de aproape, dar sunt de acord cu afirmatiile tale si le sustin mai departe in cercul meu de prietene 😉 smart shopping, I mean!

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