What Nobody Told Us When We Were Kids

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1 June 2016 / By / 19 Comments
La multi ani, copii! Bucurati-va de perioada asta. Vine o vreme cand o sa va dea jos din carusel. Viata sau Gardianul. Dupa caz.







Lo Spaccio suit – Valigeria bag – Smiling Shoes heels – Louis Vuitton sunglasses 

Photos by Emil Costrut 



What Nobody Told Us When We Were Kids


  • It’s not a Race – I don’t have to get the highest grades, but I have to learn those amazing stories I hear at school everyday. They will become some of the most fascinating stories. And I’ll look super smart at fancy dinners. 


  • There Comes a Time When it Will be ok to Talk to Strangers. Especially if they look like this


  • It’s ok to Be Different – I`ve struggled during all my kindergarten years to fit in. Until, in my first grade at school, on a Spring day, when one of my crazy aunts came with me at a celebration for Mother’s Day and I cried like hell, because I was the only girl wearing a dress, while all the other girls were wearing pants. She came close to my ear and whispered: Listen to me carefully, once you’re like everybody else you can  never, but never again, be like yourself. Not your clothes, not your toys, not your beautiful room, not your parents, not your little girly things, nothing will be yours, not like it is now. Because you’ll just be somebody else. If you want that, let’s go, I’ll take you home in no time, you’ll put a pair of pants on and we’ll come back by the time the celebration starts. I swear to God, I did not move an inch. #dress1pants0


  • Sugar is The Devil – Mum, why? Why?!??! Why didn’t you tell me? Goooodddd. Ok, I know this now, but a dozen eclairs still rule some of my days. Any kind of cake actually. 


  • DON’T BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING – don’t go there, you’ll get burned. Don’t swim with your head under water, you’ll drown. Don’t jump, you’ll break a leg. By the time I was 12, my mind was constantly filled with all kinds of fears. Then I hit 15 and moved out, by myself…I still fear the zombie apocalypse though…


  • That Maleficent wasn’t Evil After All – I`ve always suspected it… 



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  1. Cecilia says:

    La multi ani si tie, we’re all children deep down!

  2. Vivi says:

    Ce fain e costumul!!!

  3. Laura Campean says:

    Ai dreptate, nimeni nu mi-a spus lucrurile astea cand am fost copil, a trebuit sa dau eu cu capul pana le-am invatat :)) Partea buna? Noi vom fi parinti grozavi (haha, pe cine pacalesc?!)

  4. Iua says:

    what a fun post <3

  5. Francesca Todea says:

    Mi-ai facut o pofta de vata de zahar…. :))

  6. Signorina says:

    This suit ♥

  7. Amalia Larisa says:

    Beautiful 🙂 Pozele, sfaturile, tot, tot, tot!

  8. Maria Felecan says:

    Frumos! La multi ani tuturor copiilor!

  9. Andra Maria says:

    Ce frumos e printul de pe costum 🙂

  10. Daniela Negrea says:

    Hahahaha, ne da jos viata sau gardianul :)) Din pacate asa e :))

    PS: Ador costumul!

  11. Briggita Anton says:

    I wish you were my mom ??

  12. Lorena Rus says:

    De-am avea mai putini “gardieni” in jurul nostru permanent, cred ca nu am uita cum e sa fii copil 🙂 Mie una mi-e foarte dor de acea perioada, de creativitate, de jocuri, de distractie…

  13. Sonia Pop says:

    Costumul asta e demential :O Crezi ca e prea mult pentru the office?

  14. Reka says:

    I would also add “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!” to the list ?

  15. Catalina M says:

    Combinatia perfecta de cute & sassy, ca de obicei 😉

  16. G says:

    Ne plac ochelarii !! Esti simpatica!

  17. Adriana says:

    Ce frumos, iti vine ca turnat costumul asta, iar printul e delicios 😀

  18. Silvi says:

    Uaaaaauuuu ce fain e giful in care te invarti in carousel 😀

  19. geo says:

    Te-am vazut in Iasi si vroiam atat de tare sa intru in vorba cu tine, but I was so intimidated. You’re awesome, imi pare rau ca nu ti-am zis direct cat de mult te admira o IT-ista de 25 de ani fara o directie aparenta in viata, so here it goes, pentru ca articolul asta m-a atins tare ^.^

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