What Happens After 30

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4 February 2015 / By / 33 Comments

Ana Morodan si Ovidiu Muresanu

Ana Morodan (4)

Ana Morodan si Ovidiu Mursanu

Ana Morodan si Ovidiu Mursanu (2)

ovidiu muresanu

Ana Morodan (3)

Ovidiu Muresanu si Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan si Ovidiu Muresanu 7

Ana MorodanI am wearing an M.Marquise dress, Parfois bracelets and AEP earrings

Photos by Serban Gheorghiu



I turned 30 not long ago and since then I`ve gathered a few aces revelations up on my sleeve:


  • “No” will get easier and easier to say.
  • You`ll become more aware of your power
  • By this time you should have something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour
  • You or one of your best friends will get divorced. #nopenotme
  • If you’re single, you’ll date someone with a kid at some point.
  • Your favorite foods will now wreak havoc on the inside #SolongdearfriendsnamedKFC&McDonalds
  • You’ll do a juice cleanse because everyone keeps talking about how awesome they are and how great you’ll feel and how clear your mind will be.
  • By this time you`ll realize that your childhood may not have been perfect, but it’s over.
  • Hangovers will destroy you
  • Your middle name might as well be Busy since you have no spare time now
  • People start to think there is something LEGITIMATELY wrong with someone if he or she are single.

  • Quiet never sounded so good
  • By this time you should have the belief that you deserve it. Everything, the good and the positive life. Just let is happen
  • You`ll start feeling more energized in the middle of nature than in a club
  • Your social life can be awesome if you live it along with inspiring people. Who tell stories which give you drive and positive vibes. Search for the superheros near you. I found Batman. And he tells quite some stories. The Stories of O














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  1. clara_fab says:

    you look amazing in red

  2. June says:

    if you bump into Spiderman call me :))))

  3. cristina buzea says:

    oh doamne, unul dintre prietenii mei divorteaza. deci e un pattern?

  4. Bianca says:

    I felt the hangover last weekend. I honestly thought I was gonna die :))

  5. fashionette says:

    this is now in top 3 favorite articles 😉

  6. Carina says:

    ultima poza e geniala! vreau si eu un shooting cu un super erou

  7. Irina C. says:

    mama, ai facut un master in psihologie in weekend? la mine sunt valabile TOATE astea si mai am inca 3 prietene care confirma :))

  8. Liliana says:

    Vaaai cum e costumul! Moooor! De unde e?

  9. Edna says:

    you forgot to mention yoga classes because we’re too nervous for the gym and too old for running :)))

  10. Maria Danet says:

    La mine asta cu natura s-a intamplat invers. Abia dupa 30 am inceput sa gust cluburile

  11. Ioana says:

    Superbe pozele!!Un adevarat super erou si o femeie incredibil de frumoasa!

  12. Lara Croft says:

    You look like a superhero yourself 😉

  13. MiuMiu says:

    Ana, trebuie sa iti spun ca esti tot mai frumoasa si mai frumoasa pe zi ce trece fara indoiala. Nu stiu cum ai facut dar parca slabesti mereu, unde te opresti, esti prea hot deja 😀

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Slabesc si ma ingras la loc, slabesc si ma ingras la loc, e un ciclu si deja trebuie sa raman cumva caci I might look ok dar nu e in regula cu sanatatea sa tot fac exchibitii din astea 🙂

  14. Deni says:

    n am crezut ca Parcul Carol poate sa arate ca un loc dintr-un film de actiune

  15. Andreea Star says:

    superbe pozele, il urmares si pe O. si cred ca sunteti doi oameni minunati. Imi plac stilurile voastre

  16. Darina Mais says:

    yes yes yes yes, that is exactly what happens! I’m 30 and divorced :)) and very happy 😉

  17. georgia says:

    parca plutiti amandoi in pozele astea

  18. Marinela Ujica says:

    Vai, Ana, cata dreptate ai 🙂

  19. Ella Roman says:

    Subscriu si adaug: incepi sa te gandesti la posibilitatea unor interventii mai mult sau mai putin chirurgicale. Doar asa, in caz ca e nevoie 😉

  20. Doris says:

    Print and place it on the fridge! I have one mort month till 30. God help me 🙂

  21. alina florea says:

    Rochia perfecta pentru fetele cu un piept generos 🙂 cred ca mi s ar potrivi perfect si mie

  22. anda paraschiv says:

    daca am inceput cu linistea de la 28 ce inseamna? #poateesemndematuritate

  23. Cristina says:

    Waaaa ce mi.a placut ❤
    Super articol

  24. mihaela ion says:

    ce tare si real e, l am citit de vreo 3 ori 🙂

  25. Emma says:

    you look amazing ❤️

  26. Ruxandra Danescu says:

    foarte savuros

  27. laura badea says:

    Splendide culorile din poze, toate!

  28. Angela says:

    :))))) minunat, am ras cu lacrimi

  29. irene cara says:

    I love nature, it calms me. Does that sound old? :))

  30. Doria says:

    costumul asta e una din tinutele mele preferate de pe blog 😉

  31. sofy says:

    Great look!

  32. Marius says:

    Cel mai tare costum a lui Batman pe care l-am vazut.

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