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Ana Morodan (5)I am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress, Smiling Shoes heels and a vintage necklace

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



You know, when the street where you live has a Laduree boutique at one end you must accept it. And be at peace with it. You must accept that you`ll never win. No matter how hard you`ll try, you will never come out a winner. The Laduree sweets will forever remain an addiction.

And it`s not even just about the sweets but about the feminine and delicate lifestyle promise which this world wide adulated sweet shop trend settet. Inspired by Laduree I`ve put together a little list.


How to be a Bon Vivant in the 21st Century



  • Develop a careless attitude towards anyone who doesn`t understand you lifestyle, professional life or personal life


  • If somehow the careless attitude goes off from time to time, don`t pout, don`t cry and don`t get sad/depressed. Treat your weak day with a glass of champagne/gin tonic/prosecco and some decadent foods like refined gourmet, finesse sweets and even junk food. Yes, one or two days from time to time, we are allowed. We`re hedonists for Christ`s sake.


  • Cancel an activity – yep, when it`s just too much on you plate, it`s just too much. Also, maybe take a power nap. Does wonders for the skin. I wouldn`t know, I`m sleeping 4 hours per night lately.


  • Stop, smell the flowers, look at the sky, eat a cookie – yep, hedonists are in love with life (naaaa, you thought they are in love with expensive clothes didn`t you?). So enjoy this life. It`s the only one you`ve got right now. You might turn into a cockroach in the next.












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  1. Cristiana Panait says:

    daaaa, si eu le ador! coltul ala de strada e sooo parisien 🙂

  2. carina says:

    a little piece of Paris right across the street from my building, hihi

  3. Gratiela Baciu says:

    rochia e absolut minuata

  4. Paula Maria says:

    Splendoare in alb 🙂

  5. danna says:

    si eu la fel, dar daca se poate sa mananc buuuuun si muuult :)))))

  6. Sara P. says:

    Join the club, darling! 🙂 I love Laduree

  7. greta says:

    superbe sandale

  8. loredana dinca says:

    eu visez sa ma mut intr-un boutique Laduree :)))

  9. Mona Stefan says:

    Stop and smell the flowers am facut eu in dimineata asta, si am mai si cumparat un brat doar asa, ca sa incep saptamana pe pozitiv 😉

    O saptamana minunata!

  10. Liz Luiza says:

    Asa da inceput de saptamana 🙂

  11. Adina says:

    Ce rochie frumoasa ❤️

  12. Larisa Toma says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Laduree! Doamne, ce pofta mi-ai facut! Ma duc in pauza de pranz sa-mi iau :))

  13. antonia says:

    we have the most beautiful dresses

  14. Oana-Alexandra says:

    Ce pictorial dragut 🙂

  15. pixie says:

    I never thought bags of sweets can look better than bags of clothes 😉

  16. liliana says:

    desertul meu preferat

  17. adriana p says:

    daca gasesti secretul sa ni-l spui si noua :))

  18. Creola O. says:

    rochia e magnifica, Gatsby in Paris scrie pe ea

  19. Rodica says:

    Coltul asta Laduree te transporta la Paris instant!

    So multumesc pentru calatorie 🙂

  20. Cristiana Ilie says:

    asta categoric e placerea mea vinovata 🙂

  21. Cherry says:

    How I love an amazing dress and an awesome desert! You have both 🙂

  22. lucia grigore says:

    sa stii ca nu zici rau cu pauza, o sa iau una chir acum. din pacate n-am Laduree la indemana, dar pentru pauza de maine o sa vin pregatita 😉

  23. Little Countess says:

    I ❤️ macaroons

  24. Reas1955 says:

    like you blog!

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