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Simple Morodan

Beautiful Morodan

Brunch in the cemetery

The Sturza Grave

Morodan the countess

Ana at Bellu

Cantacuzino und Morodan

The Stone Bench

Amazing gave

Morodan in the CemeteryAlthough it’s not Morodan Day I am wearing a perfect modern-countess dress from Raluca Mihailceanu – you can order it on Molecule F Showroom

Photos by Serban Cristea




Yep, this was one of my “must do’s” last weekend – to dress up decadent like and visit the aristo families from the  Bellu Cemetery.

Have you done that? Well, I’m sure most of you who live here already did. If not, do it. The rest of you who happen to come to Bucharest, forget about fancy restaurants or cool cafes, buy a bottle of something and pay a visit to this area of the cemetery – you’ll be amazed!  – sure, after that, go and visit the fancy restaurants and cool cafes (sure we love them too, we’re not that hypocrite, right?).

It’s fascinating to see how these people decorated their graves with occult symbols, with things that they loved while they were alive, with anagrams, quotes, secret societies emblems, last wishes and most of all, with the power of their social status. It’s like they wanted to be eternal. And for me, they kinda really are.


Those families, the ones you see on the graves pictured – Cantacuzino, Sturza, Bibescu- Basarab-Brancoveanu, Vernescu, Nicolau and Rosetti – their lives…they could make a hell of a good national Downton Abbey!



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Super original, super outfit, super poze, totul la superlativ! 🙂

  2. Iuliana says:

    wow! this is just amazing! the dress! the beautiful cemetery! it reminds me a bit of the one from Sighisoara. this is indeed a must see! love this photos!

  3. Princess says:

    my god! i haven’t seen a dress so beautiful in a long time. it is just perfect, and suits you really good, especially in this place.

  4. Luana Ichim says:

    draga Ana, iubesc rochia ta si locul asta. foarte foarte frumos

  5. Doina says:

    STUNNING!!!! the dress reminds me so much of elsa schiaparelli’s dresses, and yes, it is a must to visit this place, love love loveeeeee

  6. jenny tearson says:

    oh dear what a perfect ambiance for this perfect outfit!

  7. Micsuna Ivan says:

    i cannot take my eyes of your dress, it is trully breathtaking

  8. Teodora S says:

    Ana Morodan , Dumnezeule arati superb splendid minunat cel mai frumos!

  9. Stilissimo says:

    mia cara, you look wonderful, and you are razy to go to the cemetery dressed like that (beautiful, by the way)! but this is what life is all about, right? follow your passion

  10. alexandraa says:

    tin sa iti marturisesc ca m-am gandit sa fac asta, dar n-am avut curajul tau!!! haha, arati perfect, rochia este di-vi-na!


    imi place foarte mult shooting-ul de astazi! felicitari si keep going, you got me waiting every day 😉

  12. Lady Juliette says:

    you are a true lady, and i respect you for that! LOVE the dress

  13. dana says:

    e minunat e minunat e minunat sa ma uit la tine 🙂 foarte frumos, si ma bucur mai ales ca incurajezi romanii sa iti cunoasca istoria si valorile. right?

  14. Anaivilo says:

    Oh yes, they could indeed! I am so amazed by these pictures, I loveee the huge mausoleums and such but I have always been afraid, called it a phobia if you want, of cemeteries. And the picture with you between those statues is sooooooo soo sinister and beautiful!

  15. sasha says:

    You did it, Ana. I don’t think you can shoot stranger pictures than these. 😆 😛

  16. WeLook says:

    Buna, am vazut pozele tale pe pinterest, apoi am intrat pe blog si am ramas placut impresionata 🙂
    Vreau sa te invit sa accesezi , sa te inregistrezi si sa postezi fotografii cu cele mai reusite tinute ale tale. In felul acesta iti poti promova si blog-ul. De asemenea, daca esti interesata de o colaborare, WeLook iti poate promova blogul pe pagina noastra de Facebook, iar tu poti pune linkul pe blogul tau. Multumim!

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