This Spring, Let`s Discover Our Best Personal Style. At my Style Workshop with TEZYO.

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9 April 2016 / By / 10 Comments

banner_articol_workshop de stil TEZYO


You know I`m not your average trend hunter, not that I don`t like them but because I know exactly what I like.

Howeverrrrrr, some of the new S/S 16 trends are music to my ears.


Let`s take Slip On –  seductive huh? Def one of my key buys this season.


Or Ruffles? So #Romantic inima-albastru


And maybe ViViD Color? Gucci, Gucci, Gucciiii, you made us all lose our heads over your new collection.


In terms of accessories, ladies, it`s my spring, I`m telling you. It’s time to flaunt every jewel in your box. The berets, the brooches, the Deirdre Barlow specs…Tons of layered accessories and jewelry. Wellllll, so be it then. Move over Madonna back to the 80`s, I`m coming to town. 


Does anyone feel me here or am I just getting excited all by myself? C`mon, ruffles anyone?

I hope you do, because if you don`t I`m going to tell you all about it in person. Yes, there`s no escape.


I`ve recently partnered with Tezyo, a fresh, new concept store by OTTER Distribution, which is taking over Romania. You can find Tezyo stores in Baneasa Shopping City, Afi Palace Cotroceni and Promenada Mall. Ladies of Timisoara, be relieved, since your Tezyo stores opened this month in Shopping City Timisoara (and I`m coming to Timisoara to meet you inima-albastru)


Tezyo not only carries more than 15 well known shoe brands but also comes with style counseling to go. This month, each time you buy a pair of shoes, you will also receive a pocket sized style guide and a cute piece of jewelry to go with your favorite outfit.


Annnndddd, wait for it, wait for it, YOU can also meet me on an evening during which we’ll talk style with Tezyo. #tadaaaaa


On the 11th of May, you are all invited to one chic afternoon with me to speak about style, trends and how we can use them to tell the most fascinating story about us.


At 6.30 pm, I`ll be waiting for you at Tezyo (Shopping City Timiosoara). I have prepared my Golden Rules when it comes to personal style, fashion,  accessories and how to pick what suits us best. Click here and subscribe, it`s totally free of charge, you just have to answer one question to get selected.

And do it right away, there is a limited number of participants. 7b


Mark it in your calendars ladies, see you on the 11th of May at Tezyo (Shopping City Timisoara).


Ohh, did I tell you we`ll have gifts too? 9b



be-splendid-semnatura 1







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  1. ecaterina_love says:

    Cred ca e prima data cand imi pare rau ca sunt plecata din tara… mi-ar fi placut mult sa te vad

  2. andreea says:

    Timisoaraaaa yaaay! Ce ma bucur ca vii la noi.

  3. Iulia Rebrean says:

    In Targu Mures vii? <3

  4. Caty cristina says:

    Answered, sent, booked 😀 Ne vedem

  5. Olean Paty says:

    Yeees, Team Ruffles! :))

  6. Tina says:

    Au foarte multe lucruri tari la Tezyo, tot timpul mi-a placut magazinul 😀

  7. Clujeanca says:

    Te vrem la Cluj!!!!!!!!!

  8. mimi says:

    Vei mai avea alte workshopuri in perioada asta? La asta nu pot sa ajung si imi doresc mult sa te vad

  9. Maria says:

    M-am inscris, ne vedem acolo! Abia astept! Te pup, esti o frumoasa!

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