A Story about Plants, Fruits & Flowers and Their Magical Use

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I don`t know how you feel about this, but for me, when I endorse and recommend something beauty related, I consider it`s only fair to test them first. If I like them, I`ll write about them, if I don`t, I won`t.


I tested the  Fereto Organics products in the last month and a half. The first time I heard about Fereto, naturally, I checked their about section


1 minute of silence until you read it too





So what do you think? I`ll admit it, it made me want to test them. All those natural, magical ingredients. Fereto is made from plants (and the most effective Aloe plant comes from Madagascar), fruits and flowers – come from the African region called Fereto, which is renowned for their organic agriculture.The products are made in France without any kind of chemicals, no paraben and no ftalats.






Plants, flowers and fruits? My pictorial story was perfect. Three of my favorite wonders of the world. But besides my pictures, here`s which products I chose to test:


  • Cellular Regenerating Night Serum – I`m a big fan of night beauty cremes and serums so this was naturally my first choice. Its composition also consists of vegetal stem cells which cancel free radicals and have an antioxidant effect. It really filled my wrinkles and lifted my face. Have you seen what it`s made from? inima-albastru


  • Hydra Firming Eye Cream – I`ve recently started using eye creams too – yeah, I was one of those who used moisturizing creme all over her face (don`t kill me with stones) – but I still have four more eye creams to compare this one with. After two weeks I noticed how my under eye area looked softer and more highlighted. The light composition is a plus because it gets absorbed instantly.






  • The Miracle Cleanser – it`s made from Aloe Vera (the Madagascar type, remember? Now I know this too, didn`t know the difference until now), almond proteins, propolis and purified water. I`m loving its efficiency and how my skins feels right before applying the moisturizing cream. 


  • Hydra Mat Botanical – one of Fereto`s bestsellers – it reduces sebum in the T area and it really kept my skin matte (my eternal problem with oily skin)


  • Skin Correction – I only used it once and I liked it. I picked it because it says it will help diminish my pores so I have to use it several time to see result. I`ll keep you posted on this.


ana-morodan-fereto-cosmetics-12Clara Rotescu dress – Styland pearls – H&M hat – Prada sunglasses – Tous pearl ring 

Photos by Emil Costrut 


I`m glad I found you Fereto! I`ll be a loyal customer from now on. 




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  1. giselle says:

    Va invit pe blogul meu gasiti lucruri frumoase 🙂
    o zi buna

  2. Cristinia Luana Dragomir says:

    I’ve been using Fereto for months now, they’re the best!

  3. Anteea says:

    Si eu vreau la mare…

  4. renata_reni says:

    Minunata rochia <3

  5. Maria Vladescu says:

    Si eu am mare atentie cand vine vorba de produsele cosmetice pe care le folosesc, tot timpul citesc ingredientele unui produs inainte de a-l cumpara si ma atrag tare acestea cu ingrediente naturale.

  6. Ingriduta says:

    Ultima poza e geniala

  7. Farcas Codruta says:

    Ce postare superba, pozele la mare sunt intotdeauna cele mai frumoase 🙂

  8. mimi says:

    Champagne & Strawberries, best combo ever 😀

  9. anamaria says:

    Am mai auzit multe lucruri despre cremele Fereto, dar daca si tie iti plac, m-am convins. Le voi incerca!

  10. deea deea says:

    Frumos, superb, WOW! Minunata postare

  11. Bianca says:

    La mare in perioada asta?! Nu ai inghetat?

  12. MoroFan says:

    Now that’s a picnic I’d love to join, looking gorgeous

  13. cata iulia says:

    Ce rochie frumoasa… parca esti o mireasa!

  14. Mirela says:

    Dar ochelarii? De unde sunt ochelarii?

  15. mmary says:

    Great photos 😀

  16. Clara Dohatar says:

    Mi-ai facut o pofta incredibila de capsuni si good skincare. Ma duc la shopping!

  17. Marius says:

    Frumos, Contesa, foarte frumos! Ai niste idei de setting-uri incredibile

  18. cassandra_casy says:

    Uitandu-ma la aceste poze, mi s-a facut un dor incredibil de mare…

  19. Delia says:

    Voiam sa iti spun ca imi placi si mai mult de cand faci liveurile pe Facebook, esti foarte tare!

  20. loly says:

    Aaaaaah, ce poze frumoase! Si eu vreau la mare!!!

  21. Emanuela Sagu says:

    Nu stiam ca Fereto au doar ingrediente organice, mi-ai starnit interesul clar. Cat despre pictorial, nu am cuvinte 🙂

  22. Horea Minodora Ioana says:


  23. WeLoveFitz says:

    Trebuia sa il iei si pe Fitz cu tine :))

  24. miruna says:

    Cum arata rochia asta, demential!

  25. Dorina Ban says:

    Hahahaha ce faina e poza cu ananasul 😀

  26. Maria Irina says:

    Magnifique ♥

  27. Dana T. says:

    Cremele Fereto exista si in vreun magazin fizic sau doar online?

  28. Minodora Iancu says:

    I’m craving strawberries now!

  29. Monica says:

    The dress is amazing! <3

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