.For as long as I can remember I loved the XIX‘th century’s fashion, with their long dresses and decadent jewelry. The beautiful hats, laced umbrellas and embroidered blouses. Back then women had a sense of style and elegance that was beyond trends. It wasn’t about how many items one had but about how they were made and how they looked.

Then, the XX th century came and women began to feel the need of comfort, they began to be more active and wanted to be treated like they deserved, equal with men. But for that to happen they had to start working, and be noticed and taken seriously. Righhttt, so goodbye embroidered tops and lace umbrellas. They had to do something about the way they dressed. But what?

Then, out of the blue a little, dark haired rebel came, who was wearing pants and man’s shirts, behaving very independent with her modern ideas and mysterious past. History remembers her as Coco Chanel.



She revolutionized the way women dressed. Keeping her feminine touch, she started dressing women in a more empowering manner.

Women from all fields embraced this new way of dressing and the lady like suit was becoming everyone’s favorite outfit. Simple but elegant, this new woman’s suit translated in a skirt, vest and blazer and accessorized with statement jewelry, hats, gloves and small purses.



Then the war came and women were forced to dress more austere so the suit suffered some changes but was not given up on. Au contraire, it became more loved and used because of it’s practical side. Now women had to work in factories, had to do a man’s job so practicability has an important aspect of their daily life. So the suit passes through time being more and more appreciated by powerful, active and chic women.



Another revolutionary item in woman’s fashion through time was a piece of clothing that became indispensable nowadays – I’m speaking about the oh-so-practical-and-chic trousers.

The most daring women of the age adopted this trend and with the help of world’s wide known faces back then, like Marlene Dietrich - who wore  suits with pants and became a symbol of  sensuality and passion, these kind of outfits became synonymous with independent, elegant and powerful women. Women who are smart, cultivated, spiritual and chic.


                                               Photos from Life and Vogue and www.she.be, lemonochromatic.com .Photos from Life and V


 .The 80’s gave us the term “power suit” which later became a slang for women who activate in corporate fields, politics or entrepreneurial domain.

Nowadays, I am still in love with XIX century’s fashion and I still dress like that but each time I put on a suit I get that instant feeling that I can take over the world, that I can do anything I want and that my dreams are only a step away.


You can find out about what true elegance means for me  here

See you tomorrow with a chic surprise. You’ll love it, I’m sure!




Ana, the suit lover

  1. 1 Ludmila loves fashion |

    I love this article and I love suits!

    Unfortunately in Bucharest there aren’t any premium women suits designers! Either way, if you know any let me know. I’ve just made me wanna start wearing them again <3

  2. 2 Carmen Stancu |

    Ana, Marlene is my favorite and it’s just because she looks magnificent in a suit!

    I agree with Ludmila, I wanna wear suits again :)

  3. 3 La Roqua |

    I’m personally forever in heart and mind with the 1951 Dior suit :)

  4. 4 Robby |

    I really like reading an article that will make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  5. 5 Violeta |

    Chanel ! Coco Chanel ! Only the name and my thoughts are flying at THE SUIT, the waist, the elegance and THE women with all her sex appeal and sophistication.

  6. 6 Elena |

    Coco, the eternal muse


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