A few weeks ago I told you that I’m searching for a new assistant


You all got excited and I thank you for that because you’ve sent me many beautiful and positive messages.

I received 429 applications and more than 80 Facebook messages. Your interest in this job was overwhelming and it was a pleasure reading all your emails.

Being busy isn’t always a magical activity (personally, laying in bed is a magical activity for me) so it took me a little longer to review all of your applications but I finally managed in going through them all.

Doing that led me to a few conclusions which I consider properly to be mentioned here.

My selection has been made based on your answers at the question I asked  in my announcement, your abilities and yes, your sense of humor and level of maturity I could see in your answers.

I took this whole afternoon to read them all, it’s 02.00 AM now and I still have a few left. You wrote me such beautiful emails and I feel that I wanna take all of you but unfortunately I can’t (life) so I have to select you based on your professional skills too.

I am down to 20 persons so in the next days you will be contacted by the intermediary assistant and you will be interviewed by Katie GrandCarine Roitfeld and Olivier Zahm – by Me of course.


Please receive all my affection for taking the time to apply to this job in an original manner. I laughed, marveled, wondered and smiled and you are the cause of that! I send you all my love and I’m certain that your next adventure will be the greatest, hopefully for me, your next adventure will be by my side.



Ana, the wanna-take-you-all employer


  1. 1 Soos Cristina |

    Bafta ,succes la ales Ana :)
    Pupici :*

    • Fashionable Dea |

      I can’t wait to see who you picked :)

  2. 2 Maria |

    Ana, let us know who the lucky one is!

    Fingers crossed!

  3. 3 Andreea |

    I am shacking! I hope I’m one of the lucky 20 :)

  4. 4 Ludmila loves fashion |

    Annnaaaa, pick me, pick me, pick meeeee

    I love you <3

  5. 5 Anastasia |

    Vaaai, arde curiozitatea in mine! O sa indraznesc sa fiu optimista :”>

  6. 6 ramona |

    I love youuuuuuu! have a gorgeous day!!…si fa ti timp si pt facebook pt ca ai cam disparut in ultimul timp!poupici din Orasul Etern!<3


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