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Hello Smiling ShoesI paired my Smiling Shoes with a vintage skirt, a H&M blouse, a Bon Bijou necklace and a Celine Trio Bag and Cartier bracelet

© Serban Cristea




Nope. No. Kim couldn’t make it today. It’s just me. With the idiotic hairdo. Still.

Last weekend I was invited to Sibiu to judge a styling and design contest (Olimpia Dobrota rocked and won). The contest took place at the Brukenthal museum and personally, I appreciate the fact that young people treat this field seriously and work so hard to become somebody in it. Sibiu was peaceful and was keeping its special vibe of a somehow mysterious city.

Serban was traveling the country for one of his businesses, so he stopped for a day in Sibiu. That could only mean one thing. Me being all silky and sugary for him to take a few pictures of me. I’m so lucky that he likes to take photos (#thankyouuniverse/god).

My life got pretty hectic and busy in the last year and I am getting older, so the days when I was up on my high heels from morning till night are gone. I almost never got out of my Nike/Bensimon sneakers this year. Oh, and one more thing, the days are gone also because lately I fell in love with Smiling Shoes.


You saw me wearing another sensual Smiling Shoes pair here.


I gladly and easily embraced this brand because of these power points that I found in their designs


  • comfortability –  yep, for me, it became an important factor. I have to be active all day so comfortable is an important factor when buying a new pair of heels
  • the customized service – each time you want to buy a pair of Smiling Shoes you can easily click on a pair and then select the color, shape, the size, of course and the platform, if you want one
  • the fair trade between quality and price – yes, this is a part that made me proud. Because this is a brand that delivers high quality leather for  affordable prices. And that’s a big deal in an era where crap costs immensely just because it has a certain tag on it.

     . .S

Smiling Shoes gained me as a loyal customer  and also as a new collaborator. You’ll see the result soon! I can’t wait for you guys to tell me what you think.


Goodbye now, I have to run and film for a TV show, take some photos, pack my bag for the Tecomm Conference I am going to speak at in Cluj and so on.







Smiling Morodan

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  1. Ioana says:

    You look amazingly good, even with this childish adorable hairdo! See you in Cluj, Ana! Looking fwd to meet you in person!

  2. Stylish One says:

    Hey Ana, looking great! 🙂
    I trully like the smiling shoes, but i also have a question, is it a romanian brand? kiss!

  3. ana says:

    wow, chiar sunt frumosi, arati splendid draga mea!

  4. Dianaaa says:

    imi place la nebunie fusta ta vintage , si pantofii au un aer special

  5. High Heels says:

    face poze minunate! are si material bun 😉

  6. Diana says:

    Când mai ești în zonă, îți recomand să te oprești la Alba Iulia pentru poze cu adevărat spectaculoase în Cetate. 🙂

  7. Georgiana says:

    Esti superba!

  8. Anaivilo says:

    the shoes are adorable but what I love the most is that amazing skirt! <3

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