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 ana and kanye




Kanye West once said that success is the best revenge! Well, it kinda applies to Maria Marinescu‘s design career, it also applies to my life story and I’m pretty damn sure it applies to Kim and Kanye too!


I haven’t been watching tv for more than 6 years now but I frantically scroll the internet, so lately it came to my attention this sudden change of  Kim Kardashian’s  personal style. People say it’s all Kanye ‘s doing. Actually, I don’t even care, she’s like the living proof that even a parrot can become a stylish swan over night. And once you’ve become a swan…people instantly forget the moments when you were a parrot. Ah, the power of fashionnnn.



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Today I am wearing a breathtaking (literally!) dress from Maria Marinescu. Shop it at Molecule Fs showroom and on their online shop in one week time

© Serban Cristea



Now, let’s talk a little about this uber awesome dress – I’ve ordered it already, I plan to wear it to all the parties/ to the market/at dinner/ mall/movies/work/sleep/have sex/go out/do sport/everything in it – I pretty much adore everything about it.


The Lengthyou know me, a long dresses adorer.

The Shape –  Well, if that stupid prick wouldn’t have cut my hair in this unflattering manner I would have felt like a 40’s movie star –  as in THE SHAPE IS PERFECT

The Colors normally, I don’t dig the mixture of bright colors but these ones are mixed perfectly! Maria, another 10 points.

The Print  – I never was and still I am not a print lover. But from time to time I see a print that makes me tick so hard that I want to scream and roll down on the floor with joy. This is one of those prints. And here we are to the reason we made this little parody today…


Last week when I visited Molecule F‘s showroom and tried on this dress, my first reaction was “I look like Kim Kardashian at the MET Gala“. We laughed and I got this crazy Monday idea. Maria agreed because she is always so relaxed and confident, so there!  Me, as Kim, with my hair chopped by an inapt hairdresser (not my darling Robert) . At least I have big boobs and wide hips to compensate. Kanye couldn’t make it, we had to Photoshop him. He said he couldn’t handle Kim and her idiot doppleganger also.


Here’s a funny fact, Kim Kardashian was on all of the “Worst Dressed” lists after the Met Gala while Maria Marinescu, wearing this dress, was among the 10 “Best Dressed” people at Harper’s Bazaar Party. Talking about all being about confidence and the “chic” factor. And a drop dead dress!








Morodan Kardashian


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  1. Irina says:

    Hon’ you’re gourgeous like always.

    Have a good week!

    P.S: You make my evening at the book club, my tooth forgot to hurt 🙂

  2. Luna says:

    ahahahaha I donot think I have ever read “kim kardashian” as many times in a row :))))
    you look breathtaking, oh, yes! LOVE

  3. Joye de Style says:

    to your dissapointment, I think you look great with that hair! love the dress a lot

  4. Carrie J. says:

    hey ana! i totally fell in love with this dress, it is stunninggggggg!!!!!
    the details on the enddings, the perfect floral print, and how it look on you <3 #yum

  5. anca says:

    asa este! #success #best

  6. carmen del mar says:

    ce fericire ! am gasit rochia pe care o cautam! e absolut perfecta!

  7. Chic & Chic says:

    Ah…I trully love ALL of maria’s work!

  8. Catherine Tom says:

    adorable, ateble, sexy, stylish, chic, so now and so then dress, perfectly worn by you. Yes, that is it, I like it, and the kanye joke was awesome dear muah!

  9. XENIA says:

    arati miraculos! foarte foarte frumoasa rochia!

  10. Stylish One says:

    Ana Morodan is THE most stylish one, we like your blog a bunch!

  11. Anaivilo says:

    Oh but the print is gorgeous and so are the colors! I would love to see you more often in such dresses, they are fantastic on you! 😀

  12. Ioana says:

    Ana dear, you look like a million bucks! There’s always time for redemption of any kind, for everyone! It’s good that we are reminded of that every now and then! Love you!

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