The Search For The Perfect Christmas Gifts is Officially ON

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You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I’m telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town!


He’s making a list,
And checking it twice,
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.
Santa Morodan is coming to town!




anamorodan 3




Well, I`m Santa this year for my team. They are like a family to me, and I admit, this makes me over joy because I`m a list person and gift scouting requires well…a list. Which for whom, stuff like that.


iLUX brings us one holiday guide –  called My Big Family This Christmas –  filled with desirable and potential gifts and I`ve selected some for my special work family.  After all, I remember the first year when I spent Christmas at Serban`s parents. Their special gift made me feel so loved. I`ll treasure that feeling forever.


As I was saying, here`s which for whom. Maybe it will inspire you too.



ilux 2



My personal favorite  – the leather GIUDI multi-functional vade mecum – you have your notebook with you all the time and in the same pouch you can carry your bank cards, money, even a lipstick. A red one 😉  And it has this sophisticated burgundy color.


I`m buying one for Mittens and one for myself (yes, I`m gifiting myself too)






The Silver-ish Candle Stick – so royal and such an evergreen design – I want one for myself too….#pfff…fine. I`ll gift that to Denisa, she`s planning to move in a new home next year and she`s uber passionate about home décor so she`ll adoreeeee this.



anamorodan 2m

anamorodan 4



The refined jewelry box – well, I own one because if I didn`t this would be my favorite gift. I use it each time I travel and even when I`m at home, I keep my favorite selection from my jewelry in it. It has velvet inside, all kinds of compartments and it`s RED. You basically can`t get chic-er than this. I`ll gift this to Lili, she would totally love it. 



ilux 4




The Giudi leather port visitI`m thinking to order 3 of these for my gentlemen team members. Gabi, Mihai and Claudiu. And I`m going to engrave these manly gifts with something which will make them smile. I already know 😉



ilux 3

anamorodanCristina Savulescu dress

Photos by Catalin Georgescu  at British Gallery 




Who knows, I might overcome my fear of Christmas and quit being a Grinch, like I always am.  Remember this story?



However, I`m thinking that I actually might need one of each item I`ve shown you today. The vade mecum and the silver stick for sure so goodbye, I have work to do, I have to shop online, make orders, write wishing cards. Santa is cominggggg to town! Expect him Her with a glass of gin tonic.






sig-decembriev3 (1)






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  1. Edna says:

    I tottally adoooooore that jewelry box, it’s pure perfect, a perfect gift and years from now a perfect heritage

  2. corina says:

    pot sa fac si eu parte din echipa ta? pot? pot? :)))

  3. Paulina Nedelcu says:

    Si eu tot de pe iLux cumpar cadourile anul asta, problema e ca lista mea contine vreo 50 de produse pentru 10 persoane :)))) e foarte greu sa aleg

  4. Liz Luiza says:

    agenda e perfecta, exact ce-mi trebuie 😉

  5. carmen says:

    I want them all. I really do 😀

  6. Viorica Dumitru says:

    grinch in roz nici n-am vazut, sa stii :))))

  7. lorry says:

    cool earrings 😉

  8. Alexa Mihai says:

    Eu as vrea rochia asta de Craciun 😉

  9. Criss Tina says:

    great idea, iLux is really cool, thank you

  10. ileana says:

    decorul e pur si simplu perfect iar cadourile….le-as vrea pe toate pentru mine :))

  11. Adriana Damian says:

    Draga mea, am nevoie de vreo 5 astfel de postari pe saptamana pana la Craciun:) . Sunt groaznica la ales cadouri si nu m-as fi gandit niciodata la asemenea lucruri care mi se par deopotriva frumoase si utile

  12. cassy says:

    the glamorous jewellery box is amazing

  13. Valeria says:

    De fiecare data cand postezi despre iLux stau ore intregi pe site :)))) e plin de goodies de tot soiul, imi place mult

  14. Alina Radu says:

    Un suport de lumanari imi trebuie si mie, mi se par foarte chic

  15. Rodica Pislaru says:

    Ma bucur ca ai revenit la vechea coafura, imi place mult mai mult asa natural. Si ai un zambet molipsitor 😉

  16. Greta says:

    I never thought that deco object or something really useful as a notebook could be a great Xmas present, but I love these ones

  17. Alexandra Radu says:

    Draga Mos Craciun, te rog sa-mi trimiti cutia pentru bijuterii. Plina cu bijuterii 😉

    PS: daca n-am fost suficient de cuminte, recuperez ;la anul, promit <3

  18. alinutza says:

    pink is my new obsession

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