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6 March 2015 / By / 28 Comments


We have found it. Finally. We found a new office and showroom for Morodan Shop. And in this light of all of us from my team, spending more time at the office now than at home, some things from my dressing must be organized too. Because I`m going to take half of it with me.


I want to be near my treasures all the time. A fashionista`s burden.

And like all things in my life, I just focus on them and they happen. You know, I can not move my jewelry in a plastic bag. That would be such a unpardonable profanation. yach




Despite Pandora’s experience to the contrary, lovely little boxes tend to harbor far more treasure than trouble. And there’s no reason the containers themselves shouldn’t rival their contents in elegance and allure.


Here are my tres elegant jewelry boxes.


Ana Morodan










Now, just because I know you`ll ask. I found them on iLUX. While pinning on Pinterest to be more exact. Their profile is filled with organized goodies so imagine my eyes when I reached the Cutii de Bijuterii board ana-8


And since I`m a new online entrepreneur myself, I salute this online shop for carrying a great selection of quality goods, for the fast delivery and the professional services. I have much to learn from you guys.





anigifI am wearing a S/S 2015 H&M blazer – available from the 12th of March

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



Before I go and dive into the weekend (by the way, now I understand why people get excited towards the weekend, it`s because they work like hell during the week – 30 years, grown-up revelation?) here are my tips for keeping an organized jewelry box:


  • I always make sure that my jewelry is stocked in boxes padded with velvet or soft material so they won`t get scuffed


  • I also, don`t stock more than one in the same little spot – for the same above reason


  • Most of my boxes have a hilt for carrying them – so that if I have to take them with me they will be easy to carry


  • I  chose red or black  jewelry boxes – they look so chic – by the way, have you seen Amal Clooney carrying hers? So chic. The reason why I chose red jewelry boxes is also because my wardrobe in mostly black and my style signature are jewelry so I want them to feel special smile


  • I chose boxes with many compartments and always with a safety lock – treasures must be protected



 You have brightened my day dear iLUX and you have also saved me. I`ve found my perfect gifts for this 8th of March for my lady friends.

 Dear all, I send you hugs from Narnia. My street looks exactly like that. In March. The Joy.









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  1. catalina says:

    doamne, sunt vrajita de cate bijuterii ai 🙂 si cat de frumoase

  2. Adriana Soho says:

    felicitari pentru shop, este minunat

  3. diana rosca says:

    ce minunatii! le pun chiar acum pe lista de must have 😉

  4. Sandra says:

    That kimono is pure perfection ❤️

  5. elena says:

    Intotdeauna mi-am dorit o cutie superba pentru bijuterii si cred ca asta e 🙂

  6. Ana Maria says:

    Wow, bijuteriile(si cutiile)sunt absolut MI NU NA TE!

  7. Rosa says:

    Tare mi-as dori sa primesc o astfel de cutie…plina daca se poate :)))))

  8. maria popa says:

    mama avea o cutie asemanatoare, absolut superba. intotdeauna am fost fascinata de astfel de obiecte si de continutul lor

  9. Irina says:

    iLUX e plin de comori de tot soiul!

  10. Miha says:

    cred ca preferata mea e asta http://www.ilux.ro/caseta-bijuterii-blanca 🙂

  11. Veronica007 says:

    this photo shoot is so decadent, a little champagne would have been perfect

  12. raluca says:

    superb kimonoul, la fel si cutiile

  13. Andreea says:

    cred ca….cea rosie. da, cu siguranta cea rosie 🙂

  14. Corina Tudor says:

    doamne, cate comori! 🙂

  15. andra says:

    ador inelele masive, sunt pefecte!

  16. Marcela says:

    I am sooo buying that kimono next week! It’s absolutely wow!

  17. ana says:

    wow, cerceii cu semiluna sunt absolut superbi

  18. Criss says:


  19. ANDRADA says:

    Inteleg perfect ce spui cu incuietoarea, ale mele s-au rasturnat in gara, pe peron. Am crezut ca mor :))))))

  20. mikka says:

    love the first photo

  21. Irina Radu says:

    Daca o femeie nu are niciodata prea multe bijuterii, inseamna ca, la fel, niciodata nu are nici prea multe casete de bijuterii 😀

  22. Carina says:

    Where did you get the star-moon earrings from? They’re gorge!

  23. Elena Ilie says:

    Impresionanta colectia, te invidiez 🙂

  24. andra georgiana says:

    Alice in JewelryLand 😉 superbe toate

  25. ioana love says:

    Minunate cutiile care-ti protejeaza comorile

  26. nekta says:

    Imi place asa mult cum iti porti bijuteriile! Esti o minune! 🙂

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