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109 leather collar, vintage jewelry, Snobbish Breakfast dress

I was away for a few days, also did a detox of all social media and internet shit vices. I never thought that I will say this, but I actually did not miss it that much, except the often moments when I hallucinated about it. Well, at least now I know all the people who write for all the magazines in Romania  and also read like a book/day (by this you should conclude that I smart/er ok?)

Any news? Ahh, I have one. I have a few temporary roommates, 20 of them to be exact, and they are all cats! Oh wait, 21, sorry, missed one. You don’t wanna know! The scariest is that I’m starting to like them.

Now, I actually could make up a little story about the pics but I don’t want to. Everything I tell you here is happening for real in my life, either I want it or not, the stupid move like scenario is following me 4 ever. The truth about these pics is that we thought it would be tremendous fun. Which it actually was, except for the freezing cold. 

You saw the Prada Marfa print in all of my houses, used like a decoration object, so I said to myself ‘let’s use it with it’s original purpose and act idiotic’, so there.
Most of you are familiar with the print because you saw it in a popular TV series but it’s really interesting to know how this print came to life and why. Google it, you’ll love the idea.

No, I’m not gonna tell you, Goood, lazy persons, I thought you know by now that nothing is that easy with me.

Okkk, I don’t have nothing important to communicate. Goodbye. 

Waaaait! Deliaaaaa, I don’t deserve to be your friend and you still love me! Say you do! Say it!


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  1. kittenhood says:

    my new favorite look of you. love the dress and the collar! <3

  2. coco says:

    lovelly collar !

  3. Haha love it! 😀 Ill have to read up on the print later, running off to work 😉

  4. Emanuel I. says:

    Ce tare esti!!!
    Imi place mult outfit-ul dar “marketing-ul” din jurul lui e bestial!

  5. georgi says:

    this outfit is amazing! the dress is part of the s/s 2012 collection?

  6. Stunning post!

  7. Imi place foarte mult stilul vestimentar pe care il adopti , si Doamneee ma faci sa rad cu lacrimi ori de cate ori citesc un articol ! Ai un stil inconfundabil de a scrie !! Te urmaresc si te voi urmari mereu !! Bravo !! O primavara frumoasa si senina , precum zambetul tau !

  8. colorsdiary says:

    I will google that, i need to know 🙂

  9. bloo. says:

    WOW this is sooo pretty!


  10. GIRL!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THIS COLLAR!!! I must buy it 🙂 xoxo Kim

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