If you didn’t fainted by now, let’s have a talk.

Do you remember last month, when I told you that that I can’t wait to show you my new project for Statement Jewelry?
Well, this is it! Plus/minus my not so flat anymore tummy.I’m getting old, leave me the fuck alone.
What you see above, except 90% of my nakedness, are eight necklaces I designed along with Ioana (the extremely dedicated designer behind the brand) and her team.
When I was invited to do this I tended to say no. Nowadays everybody does a bit of everything. I don’t wanna be like that.
One of my strong beliefs is that one has to stay focused on the thing he does best in that period of his life. Sure, I think of myself that I can do anything and everything, I have a lot of confidence and a big ego. If it’s right or wrong, I don’t know, the only thing I’m sure of is that it fuels me in the morning. It helps me do what I focus on doing. But I’m not gonna do a bit of everything just because I think I can.
Ok, I copy/pasted a  part from my little introspection regarding this collaboration. My conscience can rest now.
In the end I couldn’t resist of designing a necklace line along with Ioana, a line for the urban countesses.
 Another argument in my positive decision was the principles this brand was build on.   
Statement Jewelry Studio designs are exclusively natural stones jewelry. Some of the pieces have vintage elements like pandants, brooches of chains incorporated and Ioana and her team are paying a hell of a lot of attention to the manufacturing process.
And finally, the pitch Ioana made me.
Oh Ana, you’re the ultimate modern queen. Every young woman dreams to have your jewelry collection and you confidence…”
The little devil…
Ultimately, I said “yes” and we designed eight romantic and strong necklaces for “the modern queens” like Ioana said.
 – each necklace has a name that was at same point one of my nicknames. 
- they all have vintage metal elements incorporated cause I will be forever obsessed with the Belle Epoque period.
 – I adore these particular cats cause their owner is one of the most passionate and kind persons I’ve ever met 

- my body is not perfect but I’m madly in love with it. Please do the same. Not with mine, with yours! Goood.
I hope you guys love this line and you will feel like the ultimate citizen queen when you wear them.
The collection will be available stating tomorrow on Statement Jewelry online shop or at Statement Jewelry Studio.
  1. 2 HannahAlyse |

    OMG!! The jewelry is STUNNING and you are FABULOUS!!! I love all of the pictures/styling and your confidence & decadence :) You are as always an inspiration! (I’m also a HUGE fan of your dress collection)

  2. 3 Anaivilo |

    Ulalalaaa!! First: where are all those cats from? o.O
    Second: the necklaces are stunning! I love them, and now I am drooling over them :((

  3. 4 Fashion Bebe |

    GG Ioana !!! Great Jewelry as aways!!! Keep up a good work….and Ana…GREAT Blog and awesome work+pics! Keep it up !:D

  4. 6 ModernLady Bug |

    Wow babe!
    You are stunning and brave! You radiate sex appeal with and without clothes!
    Maybe we will meet this weekend at the fair ;)

  5. 7 Emanuel I. |

    Doamne, esti superba!
    Divine fotografii, superbe accesorii…
    Nu-mi ajung cuvintele.
    Va felicit!

  6. 9 shameless |

    Ana, please tell me that in the “Lady Venom” picture there is a little unhidden area that slightly shows your lovely pube line <3 OMG! so hoot! i'd do anything to get my hands on the original uncensored pics! XoX You are gorgeous! :*


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