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18 September 2012 / By / 3 Comments

The little things that brighten my days surprisingly are getting instagramized lately. 
Damn this little, addictive application.

Now, in no particular order here’s what’s crosses my mind right now:

  • I hope autumn comes faster, with all those warm colored leaves, pumpkins (I was at a farm last weekend and I picked some. It was so peaceful and fun, and glam!!! at least in my vision)
  • People who always point the finger at other people tire me
  • I wanna find that dress which will put that stupid, shopaholic smile on my face
  • I’m  super excited about the new art classes I’m gonna attend
  • Thinking about the perfect autumn corner, somewhere in the nature, to make Serban a picnic
  • Eating vegetables all day ruins me (I’m trying to quit my junk food diet)

Now, here’s a few of my latest iphone uploads – explained and detailed

Andra Andreescu is a new designer who’s urban chic creations I absolutely adore. She is also a dear friend of mine. 

 You are my most glam and polite personality Andra. And that goes a long way. 

 A bunch of roses for her birthday.



City breaks. The poisonous apple for all the innocent Snow Whites. Ivy (my endless fascination when it comes to plants). Yep, I’m still smoking.

My living room table

Sunday reads. My autumn crop. Latest jewelry loves. Chic cigarettes.

We were at our friend Stephan Pelger fashion show last week. It was amazing. The collection, the garden where it took place, the glam dress I fell in love with…tres, tres chic.

The dress I wore is form his new line called “Dress to Dress”. It’s so soft and feminineee. I adore it!


Congrats Andreea for being Gabriela’s winner and for the I AM CIUDAT collaryou will wear so glamorously from now on.

Number 2, congrats!

Send me an email with you contacts.




I’m covering an exclusively event for you on Sunday.

Make sure to put it in your agenda and come at the castle.

I’m going to watch Suits now (Thank you Sanziana)

Good night kittens.


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  1. Zazuza says:

    as long as there’s no rain, autumn can come. pumpkin soup too.

  2. colorsdiary says:

    i wanna watch SUITS too, can t wait!!tx for the idea

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh, and if you like Suits, you should definitely watch SCANDAL. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it 😉

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