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20 July 2016 / By / 7 Comments

Lunch at Bacaro Port (our favorite)


Our first edition of  The Millennial Aristo party was a huge success inima-albastru and I can honestly say that my outstanding MVP’s deserve most of the credit. I’ve been travelling almost all June and they stayed behind and organized everything and brought to life every mad idea I was frantically  voice memo-ing every second (I suspect they wanted to resign from the M office daily during this month 7b)


Celebrating the Coca-Cola pop-up store. Cool vintage vibe tee, huh?



A weekend of partying, getting drunk and laying in the sun leisure was in order. We’ve chosen the seaside. Vadu & Vama Veche. More Vadu for me. You know, since it feels more quiet, retirement home like #traiascapensia #silinistea. Well, technically only half of the M office came with me to the seaside. The other half stayed behind working on Morodan Blogging Academy


Adevăratele fete Rosetti în vilegiatură ? (Grand Mama Golesco se epuizeaza la Cluj)


My favorite summer basket like bag – Gerard Darel (Baneasa Shopping City)

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The basket, the whole Unica Cover story about me and my favorite Paez ( espadrilles 

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Flowers from S delivered at the seaside inima-albastru

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The first magazine cover in Romania shot with a phone – with a Huawei P9






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  1. Carmen T says:

    You guys seem to have awesome fun together 🙂

  2. Miki says:

    Chockerul e cool <3

  3. Cristina S says:

    Ce sentiment de liniste imi dau pozele astea….<3

  4. Ioana P says:

    Sunteti cei mai tari, v-am vazut in Vama :)))

  5. Hanna Grigore says:

    Poza cu curcubeul e minunata! Si da, poti fi recunoscatoare, ai oameni minunati in jurul tau.

  6. Pink Queen says:

    E misto cum ai reusit sa construiesti un super business din poze facute pe un blog de lifestyle. Esti cam singura care face asta la modul profi.

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