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1 July 2014 / By / 13 Comments

Katy Davies

Katy Davies

Katy Davies

Katy Davies

Katy Davies

Katy Davies



Nope, I did not forget that I said I would come back with more photos from my Peroni adventure in London, at The House of Peroni.


Besides my impressions about this huge creative project- described on a larger scale here – is another aspect that I think contributes to The House of Peroni`s huge success all over the world – its visitors. I spent almost 8 hours visiting all the rooms, each one of them, designed by a different artist, and in each room, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves to the maximum. Everybody was in this party mood and they spread so much positive vibes it made you feel like a rock star.


As for my look, I tried a little normcore vibe but I`m still in a more of a glamcore mood sort to speak and accessorized the outfit with my favorite pair of Laura8 earrings and a black Smiling Shoes stilettos.


 The House of Peroni was a memorable experience for me and I think it will remain on the first place on my `Creative Art Projects` top for a long time from now. If you happen to be in London during the months in which the house is open, pay it a visit, you`ll see what I`m talking about. #winksmileandeverythingnice


 Thank you Peroni for choosing me as your blogger for The House of Peroni adventure and for bringing my beautiful followers closer to this cool project. #heart






Anetta Morodanetta

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  1. Dana Toma says:

    se pare ca a fost un party de neuitata toata lumea rade si se simte bine! great!

  2. XENIA says:

    love the look 😉

  3. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    nice jeans and stilettos really nice shoes Ana

  4. Crina Stoicescu says:

    imi place maxim cum ai accesorizat tinuta esti frumoasa!

  5. Nobody's Wife says:

    i would sure try this experience, cause it looks like an unforgettable one, thanks for sharing the love Ana! i love it!

  6. Style Bubble says:

    love peroni for loving art, amazing project!

  7. question everything says:

    so guess what i am wearing today: ripped boyfriend jeans, basic navy t shirt, stilettos and glamourous earings! yes!

  8. Vivienne Lawson says:

    look at you so happy and shiny :)))) beautiful place it must have been even more impressive in reality, i love that this brand supports art, we need it to make our lives beautiful

  9. vivi says:

    uou ana in Londra! devii o diva interationala! you are gonna be big countess, congratulations!

  10. Nepoata Bunicii Mele says:

    o tinuta pe cat de simpla pe atat de frumoasa, si asta pentru ca ai ales accesoriile perfecte, pe gustul meu cel putin 🙂 foarte frumos si interesant la The House of Peroni!

  11. alina borcea says:

    sunt innebunita dupa geanta ta!!!!

  12. Hera says:

    cat stil intr-o singura casa este uimitor de frumos acolo, m-a impresionat proiectul…

  13. Ioana says:

    Frumos foc acolo la Londonezia, insa tu luminezi locul, lovely style dear 🙂

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