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Dove and the ladies

dove ladies

ana andra si betty

The Dove 100 Colors Deo



The first things that come to my mind lately, when I think about colors, are flowers. And yes, flowers are so much like women. Lately my darling loves are hydrangeas. Pink hydrangeas. Based on the saying that flowers are so much like like women, I maybe love hydrangeas because we`re both rotunzoare??!?!?! #smile


Ok, enough with the mumbling, fact is that in this post I, as a Dove Ambassador, became a  little Dove Detective and I had to ask two of my lady friends how they react to and interact with colors. I picked the edgy and cool Andreescu sisters because they are both designers, Andra a clothing designer and Beatrice a jewelry designer, they understand and play with color in different fields and manners and most of all, they both love different colors #sistersnotthesame




How do you use color to make your daily life more optimistic but most of all how do you keep the balance between using to many colors and using the right amount of colors in your life.


Andra Andreescu – nicknamed by myself Tupi or Neah Neah Neah


When I think about using colors in my designs I always pick two or three colors that are relaxing for the eye in that season. My specialty is mostly leather so this season I use the colors you see in the background pictures. My personal favorite is the mustard leather.

In my personal life I am more drawn to darker colors, I sometimes mix two colors in one outfit and lately I adore all things navy blue. I never dress in a rainbow kind of way but I always mix two colors in my outfits, it keeps me balanced.


 Beatrice Andreescu  no nickname yet, I am on the verge of solving that


 My jewelry designs are made of gold and silver so you must imagine that I adore these colors. Also, when I wear burgundy or emerald green I feel beautiful, energized and sensual. Regarding my outfits, my touches of color are always given by my jewelry or an item my sister designed for me that day.

Ana says that I look like a sensual dominatrix in emerald green so it is starting to become my favorite color #haha



Colors can hold the key to changing our mood, energizing our day and charging the way those around us percieve our behavior. Dove wants to give women the confidence to wear more of the colors they like and make them beautiful and that`s why Dove created Invisible Dry, the first deodorant tested on 100 colors. From black to white and all the colors in between. Whilst it does not leave any marks on clothes it contains all the 1/4 moisturising cream, to keep your underarms beautiful. Finally, a deodorant you can trust with any colors.


By the way, have you heard someone saying that they don`t love Dove?!?!? Because I didn`t and that`s why allow me to overjoy again for being the DOVE Deo Ambassador.








Anetta Dovetta


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  1. Wonders of the Closet says:

    mindblowing dress!!!! wow!!!

  2. Baby Jean says:

    you are just perfect! so much style anf beauty in one room uufff :)))

  3. delia says:

    iubesc culoarea pe care o porti, iar rochia este divina, unde o gasesc draga mea? as putea sti oare?

    te pup!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Delia, rochia este creatia Andrei Andreescu 🙂

  4. We Have Style says:

    pffaa ce poze frumoase!!!

  5. anca q says:

    superbe culorile fetelor, foarte pe gustul meu, la fel si Dove <3

  6. Claudette the Chic says:

    charming atmosphere :***

  7. Nepoata Bunicii Mele says:

    sa stii ca daca stau sa ma gandesc e foarte tare, chiar nu stiu pe nimeni care sa zica ceva rau despre Dove, si adca tot port culori why not? let’s try this!

  8. Zina Cool says:

    le ador pe fete! si culorile lor! pupici!

  9. J.S. Luna says:

    so trueeeee i am addicted to color, it does change our days and influence our personality, not to talk about how important it is to wear bright colors on a busy day!

  10. Georgette Girl says:

    true beauty!

  11. hermina toma says:

    i am a fan of dove since i can remember, ma bucur ca si tu esti!

  12. Giulia says:

    ce frumos sunteti imbracate toate!!!!

  13. mirela paunescu miron says:

    nu stiu care e mai frumoasa dintre voi, sunteti cu adevarat talentate si speciale, iar despre recomandarea ta cu Dove, nu pot decat sa o sustin, chiar asa este, nu am avut niciodata probleme cu hainele cand l-am folosit

  14. 9 Reasons to Style says:

    kisses girls miss you from sunny California! got my Dove with me don’t worry 😉

  15. Ileana Otilia says:

    mi se pare o atmosfera foarte voioasa acolo la voi, si tu bineinteles ca tu stralucesti, green makes you shine !

  16. johnny says:

    you girls are the definition of glam!

  17. Mathilde says:

    i have a little dog that looks just like Roger, i bet they would love to play together, are bringing him to your Shop my wardrobe tomorrow||?

  18. Ionela Georgiana says:

    Draga Ana,

    Eu sunt la liceu in clasa a 11a, si te admir foarte mult, vreau sa iti spun ca am invatat foarte multe despre cum sa ma imbrac de la tine, si de cand esti ambasador Dove, il folosesc si eu cu gandul la tine 🙂

    Cu admiratie,

  19. Virginia the Chic says:

    cu siguranta am sa incerc Dove Invisble Dry, mi-am distrus o rochie folosind alte deodorante si plang si acum dupa ea…apropo, verdele tau e superb! exista ceva in care nu arati minunat??? 🙂

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