The haircut and the purse

17 April 2010 / By / 37 Comments

Zara shoes, Bershka dress, Topshop cardigan, Accessorize bag




Hello blogosphere,

How was these last few days for you guys?
My life is pretty hectic right now but I’m learning to have the most of it.

How have you been, what book are you reading ? at which movies did you watched? I’m excited to see Valentine’s Day, I mean I know it’s a mercantile and chessy movie but it’s about romance and what girl doesn’t like romance?

About the outfit…I was on my way to my hairstylist, who’s one of my dearest friends although when we first meet we where more like frenemies…awww yeahh.

I’ve always said to her that her best gift for me was this hairdo, I love it so much and apparently you guys love it too, thank you! Ohhh yes the outfit…what can I say…I LOVE IT, the bag its an item close to my heart, it was a gift (please do take note that today is the “all about using the word “gift” as many times as possible):) ok I’ll stop mumbling, the bag was a gift from my best friends, and we do not have Accessorize in my town so they went through all the labours of hell to get it…muahhhaaahh muahhhaaahhh(must be read like an evil laughter) because I wanted it so much.
Anyway it’s not much of a purse, more like a piece of jewelery cause it’s so tiny and I can’t stick anything there.

The dress it the sequel of obsession about stripes, told you here remember?

That’s it for today, off to see the movie.

P.S. I’ve received a few mails where some of you told me that I should post pics from my everyday life, places I see, things or activities I do, so after lots of meditation on the matter I’ve decided to take my camera with me from now on, so stay close!


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  1. Hair looks great! you know I love asymmetrical cuts!
    And that strip dress is perfect! I’m looking for a similar one myself.

  2. Your purse is so cute! And I also love those beautiful rings!

    Love, Diana

  3. Talia says:

    very nice haircut. I like it. It suits you very well. The stripes dress is nice.

  4. Iulia says:

    De cand e gentuta? Ca nu am vazut-o 😀 si imi place mult de tot ;;).
    Superba as usually :*!

  5. Love, love the bag…and the dress… and the haircut! I was planning to order one form topshop, who knew you can find it here?!!! You’re such a sunny person! I feel good when I “enter” your blog!

  6. Out of Order says:

    followed you here from chictopia :]
    the details of this outfit make it even MORE spectacular and cute!

  7. melina says:

    Nice outfit. Red and stripes look so good together!

  8. Ana says:

    @ ALice
    Sa stii ca iti scriu aici sa am martori si sa stie taota lumea(asta a sunat ca o replica din telenovele:)) ITI MULTUMESC pentru ce mi-ai scris, you said that I’m a “sunny person”:))))))))howww sweettt, ma bucur mult ca iti place blog-ul si cand ajung la Bucuresti, sper sa fie curand mi-as dori sa te invit la o cafea/cosmo/ceva licoare.

    Esti o scumpa, ma si intrebam unde ai disparut ca ti-am tot vizitat blog-ul si nici o miscare, mi-ai facut ziua muuult mai frumoasa si pentru asta iti multumesc.
    Te imbratisez.

    Si acum dau copy /paste si la mine:D

  9. Da, da, da vreau sa ne vedem cand ajungi pe aici, it’s a must, ma anunti cand esti in Buucresti si we’ll make it happen! Am lipsit putin de pe blog, cu vacanta de Paste and everything si am lucrat la noua colectie de accesorii si acum editez fotografiile sa le pun si pe blog!:)

  10. janettaylor says:

    Love the striped dress. Is this from actually collection by Bershka?

  11. Ana says:

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, they made my day much more happier:)

    And for those who are here for the first time, thank you for stopping by and do return again(this sounded like an airplane line:D)

    lots of hugs

  12. Orchid Grey says:

    this whole outfit is amazingly cute, I especially love your dress and bag and how they play off each other. also your hair is awesome.

  13. your lovely haircut is soooo very chic and modern! i am amazed at how absolutely gorgeous you look on a daily basis! 🙂


  14. Stefania says:

    Imi place rochia ta f mult..Si este foartemoderna cum anul asta este la moda uniforma de marinar sa-i spunem

  15. kate maggie says:

    Hi darling, thanks so much for your lovely comment..I loved that. Your blog inspires me so much..everytime I visit it I fall in love with your outfits and words! I love hearing your thoughts 🙂 This outfit is simply everything about it! Hope you have a great rest of your day today. x

  16. nookie says:

    my reader has problems..I didn’t see this..damn..
    awesome awesome outfit, love stripes so much and your bag is soooo cute;x

    and yeah the mail lady..evil crazy mail lady..If I’ll ever see her, I’m gonna beat the c**p out her ’cause I’m not sane either:)

  17. ce ma bucur ca ti-am gasit blogul. arati minunat, iar stilul asta parisian iti vine de minune 🙂

  18. Jasmin says:

    Wow, I think your bag is so cool! it’s so cute! =P

  19. Jojie Kawaii says:

    hey there.. im jojie from weardrobe..
    i love ur slingbag babe.. 🙂 nice… love it ! love it..

    and u’re so stylo.. hoho

  20. iunnia says:

    i luuv the bag. si inelul cu fundita e tare dragalas

  21. dressaddict says:

    Oare as mai gasi gentuta la Accesorize? O ai demult? Si botinele imi plac, azi astept un colet si eu cu niste botine peep-toe din piele intoarsa.
    Cred ca n-a fost tinuta a ta sa nu-mi placa; si inca nu e chiar cald de tot afara, cred ca atunci o sa ne surprinzi si mai placut!

  22. Ana says:

    @Dressaddict…nu stiu de gentuta you can try, I have it for two years now, thank you so much for the lovely comment:)

    Thank you everybody I’m so glad that you like my blog:)

  23. ioana says:

    nice outfit 🙂
    imi place foarte mult gentuta :X

    ce aparat foto folosesti ? (pt ca ies superbe pozele)

  24. I like your haircut!
    Ema, Romania

  25. Annelie says:

    loving that adorable bag!!!

  26. Felicitari pentru ‘weardrobe spotlight’! Chiar ca meriti 🙂

    Love, Diana

  27. Ana says:

    Diana…multumesc:)) ma bucur ca mi-ai spus, nu am observat:)
    Multumesc U made my day:)

  28. ioana says:

    merci pt raspuns 🙂
    eu te-am adaugat in lista de blog-uri ( dar inca de cand te-am vazut pe fahioninmyeyes):D

    keep up the good work! asteptam poze noi 😀

    XO, Ioana

  29. SarahAnn says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog thanks to your Weardrobe feature. I was really excited to see these photos first–I love the editing, the whimsical feel, and I love your styling (especially the pop of color with the cutesy red purse)!


  30. d. says:

    imi place tunsoarea la nebunie si te prinde extraordinar de bine 🙂

  31. wow girl I seriously love that bag! Cute outfit!!

  32. Kallie says:

    That haircut is really edgy and flattering on you. I like the girly nautical feel of your outfit with the edgy hair. great blog! 🙂

  33. yeeep,i like the dress… stripes are the best:)
    and your rings are simply great!

  34. Laura says:

    aw the purse is waaay cute!
    adorable pictures!

  35. yeeey,you are such a sweetie:P you make my day with your beatiful comment..

    follow you..of course:)

    have a nice day!!

  36. Ramona J. says:

    hmmm…..ce inseamna sa te nasti cu abilitatea de a combina hainele si accesoriile.Totul e la locul lui fara sa para atent studiat,sa nu mai zic de atitudinea degajata.;)

  37. Emanuelle says:

    pfoa. geanta e superba 😡 ca tot de altfel. :]

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