The growing up process

29 December 2010 / By / 20 Comments
Topshop leather skirt, Queen’s Wardrobe blouse, vintage and Mango necklaces


Well, hello people,

how is the weather where you are?

Cause here it’s officially too cold. I’m trying to convince myself to go out cause I have some last minute errands to do before I leave from this frozen city to another hopefully not that frozen one.

My friend Paula from wrote an article on her blog about what she learned in 2010.

Got me thinking about what I’ve learned this year.
So here’s a couple of things…

I’ve learned that I also disappoint other people as often as some of them disappoint me.

Some people succeeded in showing me that despite my general opinion that we are alone in this world they are my friends and that they will always be here.

I’ve learned how to do smart shopping (or at least I lie to myself that I’ve learned that)

I succeeded in waking up at 7 am in the morning most of the time.

I’ve learned to be more organized and responsible.

I’ve met lots of people and learned that you can feel closer to a few days friend than you feel too a few years one.

And many, many other stuff happened that made my life sometimes happy or sometimes a little bit less happy, all in all it was a wonderful year, I feel that I’ve grown a little.

Ohhh how could I forget? This year was the year when I started the blog . And through it I met you, some of you personally and some of you only virtually. But it’s been a magical ride isn’t it?

Predictable, tomorrow I’ll tell about my new year resolutions, now, I’m dressed like a snow man, prepared to face the cold, I’m so gonna frozeeee.

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  1. Mirela Petre says:

    🙂 i like your list of the things you’ve learned. I wnvy you for being able to wake up at 7am. I used to have that ability too but I lost it somewhere by the middle of the year, when I changes jobs 🙁 Hope i’ll get it back, though 🙂

    cant wait for your resolution list. it’s fun to do one, though we’re all aware that we will do 1/3 of it, hopefully 🙂



  2. Poofie says:

    looking great as always!

  3. Sounds like you learned a lot this year!! I love the outfit too!! You look great 😀

  4. Fanny says:

    you look lovely in that outfit x

  5. Karla says:

    You live you learn, right?

    Loving your leather skirt! I was just contemplating whether or not to buy one on Etsy… It looks great on you! And you can never go wrong with polka dots, pearls and kitty cats!

  6. modniza says:

    da,invatam ceva fiecare clipa,luam lectii de viata…invatam de la alti oameni,chiar daca nu le cunoastem am invatat mult de la tine,doar citind ce scrii,gandurile tale si te-am simtit aproape…
    aici tot e frig,nu am dispozitie,nu simt nicio sarbatoare,asta e,trece,o sa iasa soare.
    imi place simtul tau artistic,cum accesorizezi,asortezi,pozezi,zambesti.sper ca la anul care vine,sa fie numai soare in calea ta!

  7. beingdena says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sweetie. thanks for inspiring us every day. x

  8. Anaivilo says:

    I know, the weather in this country is horrible! I am freezing myself here and dreaming of summer now that Christmas is over, haha:))
    I had a greta year too, can’t wait to start another! 😀

  9. DeVero says:

    What can I say, My termometer shows -20 degrees ;(( and i don’t have a cat liek your so I can coze with 😉
    So great post!

    ♥Happy new year!♥

  10. I love the polka dots shirt and leather skirt – you look stunning with curls in your hair.:)

  11. classiq says:

    How nice that you took the time to share what you’ve learned this year. I congratulate you for your lovely blog and wish you all the best for 2011. Happy New Year!

  12. Arina says:

    have a happy-fantastic new year sweetie :***

  13. Marta says:

    you look absolutely gorgeous!

    happy new year!

  14. I don’t know any words whose can tell you what I think about your outfit! Polka-dot shirt with leather skirt is something amazing! 🙂

  15. Irina says:

    Happy new year! :*

  16. Roswitha says:

    Happy New Year!!!
    Here are some photos with the cardigan i bought from! <3

  17. ♔Reyna♔ says:

    waking up at 7. ouch! that is early! lol. in 2 wks I will once again have to wake up at 7:( I just stumbled upon ur blog and I love it! I am sooo following! I love the outfit you are wearing-so gorgeous and sexy. If you get the chance, pass by my blog and say hi!

    btw: I grabbed ur button and placed it on my blog!

  18. Lara says:

    happy new year, my dear! it’s great to follow you, looking forward for 2011 gorgeous outfits this year too 🙂

  19. KellyAnn says:

    spectacular blouse!! those sleeves are to die for!

  20. Anonymous says:

    What a great web log. I spend hours on the net reading blogs, about tons of various subjects. I have to first of all give praise to whoever created your theme and second of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an fabulous article. I honestly believe there is a skill to writing articles that only very few posses and honestly you got it. The combining of demonstrative and upper-class content is by all odds super rare with the astronomic amount of blogs on the cyberspace.

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