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16 June 2015 / By / 17 Comments

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Ana Morodan 4Nita Sao head accessories – Pnk Casual dresses – Parfois bracelets

 © Serban Cristea



I spent the last week in the Danube Delta at Doi Capitani, a wonderful and serene place in Crisan. Naturally, I took a whole wardrobe with me. #fashionistaissues And yes, hats too. I always considered that hats and glamour are a lady`s power assets because:


  • Head accessories and hats make you stand out
  • If I wear a hat my outfit can be a basic dress or jeans or basically anything – the hat will make me memorable
  • A hat brings a doze of humor and refinement to any outfit
  • Head accessories make me feel like a memorable movie heroine


Lately I`ve been wearing lots of Nita Sao creations. I love the fact that this new, fresh head accessories and hats brand brings a unique view to the table. The Nita Sao designs are unique pieces, custom made to the client`s needs and ideas. Each creation is handmade and the attention to details is exquisite.





Summer, the season of weddings, events, garden parties and open air cocktails.

It you choose a hat or a fascinator you`ll for sure stand out, be noticed and score a refined presence.

After all, this is the Magic power of hats. They make you unforgettable.




Here`s what a very chic lady says about hats:

I don’t use a hat as a prop. I use it as a part of me.

And check out how chic Nita Sao`s designer Ana Istodorescu is. And here are her her vibe and ethics:

Ana Istodorescu, despre noul ei proiect de suflet – Nita Sao:

„Din dragoste pentru palarii. Din admiratie pentru femeile care le poarta frumos. Din dorinta de a pune punctul pe i-ul din aproape orice outfit.

Asa s-a nascut Nita Sao – fascinators, hatinators & hats. Palarii si alternative la palarie, create manual si unicat, cu drag, pentru femeia altfel. Pentru cea care iese din monotonia hainelor office cu ajutorul unei bentite chic…inlocuita de un fascinator jucaus in drum spre o seara cu prietenele. Cea care stie puterea privirilor aruncate de sub o palarie cu boruri ample.

Femeia mereu aparte. Increzatoare. Greu de uitat.”


I, for one, I saw only this – bring me the hats, bring me the head accessories, bring me the memorable moments. Us, women…we were not meant to go down unnoticeable. ana-9










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  1. Cristina S says:

    superbe , mai ales palaria <3

  2. Ina says:

    Absolutely amazing hats

  3. High Heels says:

    Darling, you look breathtaking! ❤️

  4. mara truta says:

    ma bucur mult sa descopar ca romanii sunt atat de creativi! imi plac la nebunie si cred ca e momentul sa am o astfel de piesa in garderoba 🙂

  5. Carmen says:

    Cea neagra e minunata

  6. Vero says:

    Felicitari designerului pentru aceste minunatii si tie si lui Serban pentru fotografiile superbe

  7. stefania says:

    ce pacat ca nu ne-am intalnit in Delta 🙁 pensiunea Doi Capitani e superba

  8. Clara says:

    I absolutely adore you!

  9. Nathalie says:

    My grandmother was one the most fascinating women I’ve seen, she had a hat for every ocasion, season and hairstyle. I love hats and she is the main reason 🙂

  10. Fifi says:


  11. Diana Ivascu says:

    Cred ca palariile sunt expresia elegantei, nu oricine stie sa poarte o palarie

  12. Lady Di says:

    These photos are pure poetry ❤️

  13. matilda says:

    ❤️ The black dress

  14. denisaP says:

    Prima fotografie e preferata mea, e absolut superba 🙂

  15. Irina says:

    imi plac mult ambele tinute, si desi mi a fost intotdeauna teama sa port palarii, cred ca acestea sunt superbe

  16. Gina says:

    You must have a shooting on an yacht 😉 it will be absolutely fabulous :))

  17. laura stroe says:

    ce cool arata bratarile

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