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6 May 2014 / By / 9 Comments

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I must say it, it was a HIT event. I saw thousands of people. Running, laughing, filled with lots of colored dust. The Color Run powered by Dero had lots of things to do with DOVE Invisible Dry – the 100 colors remember? #smile. It was indeed a memorable huge party!

I arrived at 5 pm, there were lots of people at the DOVE area, taking pictures and laughing. The whole event had such a positive energy that made me really wanna run the 5 miles – only did 2 #lazyidiot.

All social media was filled with pictures of you guys and I thank you all for coming to say “hi”! It brought me so much pleasure seeing you all and hearing your positive reactions towards what I do and towards DOVE, a brand that teaches us every day that true beauty comes from within!

I can’t wait to meet you all around the country because The Color Run powered by Dero will soon come to a city near you! #staytuned



dove - dero color run



I was speaking with you guys about the 100 colors on which Dove was tested. Well, know we had the chance to see that live










Dove Ana



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  1. mariana says:

    genial, cata culoare! incredibil!

  2. LuLu says:

    it was great, i loved being covered in color :* loved you too Ana!

  3. Fete Fine says:

    this is just crazy! but i love it, you are also coning to Timisoara?

  4. Rochita Silviei says:

    uuuu nice!!! and i get to wear white! love this Dove initiative!

  5. We Have Style says:

    i couldn’t believe my eyes but the whole social media was full of wonderful pictures from this color run, i was sorry i wasn’t there

  6. Ki Ioana says:

    love youuuu! and Dove for this cool event! muah!

  7. sorana says:

    ce pacat ca n-am fost acolo…

  8. queen says:

    minunata atmosfera

  9. ralu says:

    n-o sa uit niciodata experineta asta, iar faptul ca te-am cunoscut a fost un mare plus!

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