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aneta having fun



hiiiiI am wearing a I.D Sarrieri swimsuit, an Andresco Jewelry necklace, Obsidian heart necklace, a Zara hat, Louis Vuitton sunglasses and a Chanel bag

Pictures by Mihai Dina at Stejarii Country Club




Well, tried to outlook Bradley Cooper as Haagen-Dazs ambassador. Haven`t succeeded, have I?

You know my recent adventure in ice cream land with Haagen-Dazs, the Vanilla flavored one. Oh well, why settle for one when you can have all 11 of them?

And by all means, I sure have tested them. One by one. Ok, I had some help, I must admit, all my team tested them also. We were at the Chocolate Mint flavored one when we agreed that a perfect summer day should consists in:


  • a late morning
  • a beautiful house by the sea or a chill summer pool
  • a perfect beach body – totally failed at this – next yearrrr
  • some light foods like salads, fresh juices, smoothies – so that we can still eat tons of ice cream. And as we all agreed here –  Haagen-Dazs is the cool catch this summer – no artificial ingredients like stabilizatori, emulgatori si coloranti (still nu stiu cum le zice in engleza)
  • a killer swimsuit – I.D. Sarreri hit it big this summer #love#love#love
  • reading 1 book / day
  • always have a laptop near so we can stay in touch
  • some lazy, free activities we enjoy


All in all, laziness all the way. A? Sounds like a good plan?


So that you know, from the 11 Haagen-Dazs flavors my favorite is the Belgian Chocolate one, on the second place comes Coffee and Strawberry Cheesecake and my third is Macadamia Nuts.



It`s Friday people, I am going to take a chill pill and relax, hopefully. Goodbye.





Anetta Ice Creametta

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  1. Ioana says:

    you killed me with that swim suit and all, unfortunately no competition between you and Bradley 😀 but love you both xo

  2. Happy Glitz says:

    haagen-dazs = have a nice summer! in my vocabulary at least 😀

  3. Yustinna says:

    adore the swim suit!!!

  4. johnny the girl says:

    someone is having fun \:* love you!

  5. K Lucia Butnariu says:

    nu-ti face griji Ana esti superba! toate suntem! sa ne iubim! cu niste inghe buna zic :)))

  6. lully says:

    you and your team are sure getting the good things this summer!
    wish i received all the 11 flavours to say my opinion ahaha

  7. style and fun says:

    love the neck accesories <3

  8. lala girl says:

    aaaaaaaa vreau si eu la piscinaaaaa asaaaaaaa

  9. One Way says:

    i would say if bradley cooper tried to be better than you he couldn’t you are the modern countess and that is a fact, beat that bradley!

  10. This and that says:

    i would say if bradley cooper tried to be better than you he couldn’t you are the modern countess and that is a fact, beat that bradley!

  11. Helga Ioana says:

    ah visez la o saptamana in care sa citesc o carte pe zi si sa mananc inghetata pe plaja vreau si eu subscriu la lista voastra (:

  12. Simona Ciucu says:

    important e ca incerci! sau nu prea incerci dupa cate vad :))) noi fetele suntem de pomina dar altfel ne-am pliciti so let’s just have fun, nu?

  13. Ulma says:

    love the pool @ stejarii country club!!!!

  14. Zumzetul Orasului says:

    coffee and strawberry cheese cake uuuuu <3 <3 <3

  15. elena says:

    i feel like dancing and jumping with joy! it’s summer and everybody is beautiful! youa re beautiful do not worry ana!

  16. Regina Ionescu says:

    cam da lenea este starea vara asta toata lumea o simte pana in oase 🙂

  17. Magdalena says:

    you lucky one! all those goodies!

  18. Alunutza Utza says:

    man i wish i had your boobs and your legs so do not complain!

  19. carmen tanase says:

    superba si chic chiar si la piscina!!!!

  20. Nana says:

    well you are a living proof that you can be elegant even in your swimsuit love it!

  21. Raluca Amalia says:

    imi place palaria sper sa o mai gasesc la zara!

  22. Doamna Silvia says:

    o veritabila doamna manaca doar inghetata buna, nu? bun plan de vara, ma inscriu cu tot cu lene si pofta de arome naturale!

  23. Chic&Chic says:

    love haagen-dasz it is my favourite of all times

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