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I was so honored and overwhelmed when Artmark asked me to be their lead speaker for their  Elegance and Vanitas auction.


Being considered an elegant lady is pretty awesome, I must confess.(I guess they didn`t see me on a daily basis).

One of my biggest passions is to discover beautiful objects, objects that survived history, that witnessed many life stories, beautiful one of a kind objects that will enchant my future.


Here is well, me talking about all these treasures and about why true elegance will remain the same, through the centuries.





Below, you can read my declaration from Artmark`s catalogue


ana for artmark



And now, on to the big fish! Here are some of my favorites, just sayin`. Maybe someone would want to make me a presentttttt #haha #joke #serban


The two paintings that I adore – the first one is my favorite of the two. It looks a little bit more noir, so much love for it. Typically me.


Femeia anilor ’30, CAROL HÜBNER                                                                                                       

DUMINICĂ, 27 IULIE 2014, ORA 21:30
Hotel Vega, Mamaia

my favs



DUMINICĂ, 27 IULIE 2014, ORA 21:30
Hotel Vega, Mamaia



And some vanity weapons that I feel in love with





But my absolute love are these Le Midi pearls and this calcedonia green necklace. I have seen them live and they are really unique and timeless pieces. Absolutely beautiful!


photo (7)



The Elegance and Vanitas Auction will take place this Sunday, the 27th of July at Hotel Vega in Constanta, starting with 9.30 pm and here are all the objects out for auction. Just imagine their stories. If you cannot make it you can also auction online – here or by phone, as you know.


Representing this auction is an honor and I want to congratulate Artmark the most prestigious auction house in Romania and a peak of elegance and refinement – for putting together these beautiful events and for finding these treasures  for us to enjoy and value forever.



 *nope, you are not right this time. I did not totally ruin my cat eye. Mind you, it is an Art Nouveau pattern. Ntz, ntz, ntz

Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Ana Morodan




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  1. Fete Fine says:

    ce rochie frumoasa ai tu, si ce discurs frumos, te admir ana, apreciez asocierea ta cu artmark !

  2. rachel says:

    nici nu puteau alege mai bine, te potrivesti perfect cu tema licitatiei, din pacate nu voi putea ajunge la licitatie dar sper sa ramai cu ceva frumos, asa ca tine

  3. Doamna Silvia says:

    Femeia anilor ’30 [1934] DE CAROL HÜBNER! este senzationala lucrarea! ai gusturi divine Ana mi-ai facut ziua mai frumoasa

  4. Anastasia Vica says:

    wow si tu si noemi sunteti superbe, si sunteti ambasadori minunati ai elegantei felicitari

  5. Zumzetul Anilor Trecuti says:

    daca obiectele ar fi muzica, licitatia asta ar fi o superba simfonie, totul este o poezie armonioasa. viata noastra ar trebui sa fie plina de frumuseti ca astea, mi-e dor de vremurile pe care nu le-am trait…sunt o paseista convinsa, asa ca m-ai cucerit

  6. Queen of Style says:

    felicit Artmark pentru tema licitatiei si pentru abordarea ei prin prisma unor persoane atat de frumoase!

  7. Raluca Amalia says:

    o lume care din fericire mai este printre noi prin astefle de obiecte, de piese de arta ce sa mai, e minunat 🙂 merita investit in ele fara tagada

  8. Jiuliaaa says:


  9. Bianca Jagg says:

    superbe gentile chanel si esarfele <3

  10. URANIA says:

    you are wearing a stunning dress Ana! love the auction!

  11. Nana says:

    maybe i will take my beautiful grandmother to the auction she will like it for sure

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