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19 May 2015 / By / 18 Comments

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan




Ana Morodan Bensimon sneakers (Anastasia and the Funky Twins) – Murmur kaftan – Celine sunglasses from Optiblu

Photos by Valentin Denis


I was living in Bucharest for a few months when I went to this rooftop soiree. A New York-ish vibe, the wonderful view, stylish people and this special bright orange drink everybody was holding in their hands…

What is this drink? came my question for the ladies I was with.

They looked at me amused: What do you mean? It`s Aperol. You don`t know what Aperol is?

 I was coming from Arad. Aperol was hitting the market big time and becoming a Statement drink. That was the first time I tasted Aperol Spritz.

5 years have passed and not one summer without Aperol.

That`s why when I was invited to celebrate the 1st of May at the seaside and have fun at the Aperol by Molecule F party I felt like you know, I finally belonged to that stylish, cool elite.


There`s a great feeling which comes along when you enjoy life moment by moment. It`s called The Joy of Living.

Thank you Aperol for making me appreciate it. ana-9



*The Aperol Bar will travel the country this whole summer. If you see it you get the chance to become an Aperol ambassador. Enjoy the moments.








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  1. la_bella_contessa says:

    darling, I love this drink also and will have it by the sea side this weekend 😉

  2. Ilinca Maria says:

    Kaftanul e superb, arati minunat

  3. Edna says:

    Aperol season has begun 😉

  4. Miha Dumitru says:

    superbe pozele, mi-ati facut pofta de mare alaturi de oameni dragi

  5. Irina C. says:

    well, sa-mi fie rusine dar eu am aflat despre Aperol abia acum doi ani :)))) si e chiar delicios, mai ales vara

  6. Amira Stanescu says:

    superba tinuta, imi place mult

  7. ruxandra dinu says:

    o rochie alba, plaja, soare si un cocktail bun…..oh, vacantaaaaaaa :))

  8. Anna says:

    You and O. look so cool, I love it! That photo looks like a postcard 🙂

  9. Dina says:

    superb kaftanul, eu nu ma mai satur de alb ❤️

  10. Miha Stefan says:

    Hmmm, n am incercat Aperol pana acum dar arata yummy 😉

  11. Adina says:

    Sper sa ajunga si la Arad :))

  12. Luxamorous says:

    Love that dress! You look great x

  13. Maria Avram says:

    Ce stare de bine in aceste poze 🙂

  14. Anita says:

    How I love a relaxed photo shoot like this one, you look lovely

  15. stefy says:

    Besimon, my summer ❤️

  16. Andreea Radu says:

    Minunat kaftanul, o piesa fara varsta

  17. Mireille says:

    Aperol is the best!

  18. ruxandra enescu says:

    ce frumos, se vede ca v-ati distrat de minune 🙂

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