Is Power Dressing a Thing?

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21 May 2015 / By / 27 Comments

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Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana MorodanNissa blazer and  pants all available at Fashion Tribes Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu

Make-up by Andreea Ali



I most definitely think so. And I will continue to think like this until the end of time. No matter about fashion, trends or even style. Because power dressing my friends, power dressing is not about style. Power dressing is about Making Statements. Memorable and Strong Statements.


Here`s the dictionary description: Born in the second half of the 1970s and developed in the 1980s, power dressing is a way of wearing clothes which enables women to establish their authority in a professional and political environment traditionally dominated by men.

When Fashion Tribes invited me to be their first personality to represent a style and they`ve chosen the Elegant vibe for me, I started scrolling this hip online mall and discovered the outfit I`m wearing today. Got a little psyched about it. It makes me feel strong and towering. And the fringes are just the right touch of glamour.  Styled it with a lady like bag and sensual heels. Just to add that `I`m strong but I adore being a woman` vibe.


 Not to be confused with women trying to look like men. Personally, I find power dressing quite sensual. And each time I power dress I feel on top of my game. This whiner demoiselle role is not my thing. I`m a self made entrepreneur, I have to be tough (no, not rude, arrogant or bitchy – although this bitchy part comes in handy from time to time), I like to make business, I like to feel empowered and no matter how much I adore long dresses (btw, stay tuned for my latest countess dress discovery) nothing brings my inner Margaret Thatcher to life than a power outfit.


Yes, power dressing is a Thing and it`s pretty simple why – Because powerful and successful women are starting to become more and more of a Thing nowadays. And for a feminist like me (do not add extremist tough), that`s awesome!

Thank you Fashion Tribes for helping me find the coolest power outfit. heart ana







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  1. Foarte tare costumul!

  2. Mireille says:

    I love love loooove it! Greatest outfit I’ve seen in a while and the shoes rock 😉

  3. you look stunning!

  4. mara ivan says:

    Superba 🙂

  5. Edna says:

    Power dressing, I love it!

  6. Oana Tudor says:

    Le admir mult pe femeile care reusesc sa gaseasca secretul lui ‘power dressing’, tu esti una dintre ele

  7. Elena B says:

    Fashion Tribes e cadoul perfeeeeeect de ziua mea :)))))

  8. Casandra says:

    fringes, I adore them, love your outfit

  9. anca ioana says:

    Fashion Tribes e noul meu crush in materie de online shopping, I love it!

  10. Amelia says:

    my inner Margaret Thacher comes out when I’m wearing a tuxedo jacket 😉

  11. Ilinca Maria says:

    superba chiar daca nu e un outfit ultra feminin, cum ne-ai obisnuit. imi place mult, iar geanta e splendida

  12. natalia says:

    I love it when I see powerful women dressed accordingly 🙂

  13. Mimi Love says:

    You’re such an inspiration ❤️

  14. Otilia Dinu says:

    E splendida tinuta, iar jacheta exact ce cautam. Abia astept sa fie a mea ❤️

  15. marina says:

    making statements is definetly your forte 😉 love the outfit

  16. Mira Stan says:

    Si eu ador genul acesta de tinute, sunt foarte wow si feminine, desi vorbim de pantaloni si jacheta inchisa pana la gat. Iar franjurii sunt exact ce trebuie

  17. MiraBella says:

    Fashion Tribes blew me away, I love it

  18. Ioana Faur says:

    Poseta rosie absolut perfecta

  19. alina popa says:

    m-a inspirat mult aceasta tinuta si articolul la fel. sa nu uitam ca suntem femei, si inca unele frumoase si puternice 😉

  20. Veronica007 says:

    Great sandals!

  21. Daniela says:

    Unul dintre articolele mele preferate 🙂 si inca o ocazie sa-mi amintesti ca esti o tanara demna de admirat

  22. Cristina Serban says:

    Love the outfit and I mostly love power outfits 🙂 mine is similar, with an open back

  23. greta says:

    splendida tinuta

  24. Eli says:

    Wow, ce sandale frumoase! Iar poseta e ❤️

  25. Anca Grigore says:

    I’m thinking more Greta Garbo 😉

  26. newt says:

    wooow, deci esti superba cu outfitul asta, te prinde foarte bine 😀
    si poseta este… magnifica

  27. Maria says:

    Perfect outfit for a great day. Good luck with that! 🙂

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