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22 August 2013 / By / 6 Comments


And in The One Magazine


Oh, this heat is messing with my mind and making me slip important things like the two features I had this month.

My type of features, the ones that really speak about a person, as opposed to only showing it.

The first is in The One magazine and it’s about interesting Instagram accounts. Thank you The One & Andreea Macri  for including me between your pages! You made my month and my Insta (#smile).




Ana in Unica Magazine


Another feature this month was in Unica Magazine, along with other fashionable and inspiring people. We talked about our online shopping and choices.

It was a super pleasant surprise to discover that I was featured in this article with some of my friends and I discovered it only after seeing the mag.



Thank you, guys! You made my smile!


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. crina says:

    love the outfit in Unica !

  2. Ileana Tudose says:

    congrats dear! you rule, you little stylish aristocrat!

  3. Fashion Up says:

    great news, i need to buy 2 more magazines! 😀 felicitari ! you deserve it

  4. kira ozana says:

    hats off for ana! muah!

  5. Le chic says:

    love the pictures on your instagram, so i can only be happy for your feature in The One! and one more thing, where can i get the black piece in the picture from Unica? love it <3

  6. Soos Cristina says:

    Congrats Ana !!!!!
    I’m so happy for you <3
    You are amazing in everything that you do & a role model for me !
    Kiss kiss :*:*

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