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29 April 2017 / By / 9 Comments

Here’s two of the several times I got the chance to speaks with the Z generation.

It’s very refreshing to speak to other Zs than Costri and Addams. They just don’t listen to me anymore! They simply concluded that I am this crazy old hag and they shut down their ears when Momma Preaches!

Well guess what Chyna and Addams? I found more than 300 new Zs to preach to, this year alone!


ana-morodan- student speaking-4

ana-morodan- student speaking-3


A few months ago I was one of the speakers for Prime, and now I got to speak in front of the ASER student association. I always get the hibbi jibbies when I speak in front of students because I get flashbacks from my own student days; it was very important for us to find people to share their experience with us, but it was a very hard task. This was even aggravating given the fact that we were the “entrepreneur” generation – getting insights about hardships, challenges and successes was key.


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I find it incredibly humbling how these young adults look at me as a role model, and I hope my experience was at least a bit helpful for them. My mission was to give them a clear impression about what being an online entrepreneur means.

I really want the Zs that I’ve met lately to be the majority of tomorrow’s Romania because they might be the last resort to change how things are going in this country. Don’t even get me started on the topic.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience with you guys! It was an honor!


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  1. Madalina Crisan says:

    Ma bucur tare mult ca exista copii din noua generatia care te vad ca pe un model, chiar au ce invata de la tine, you’re the best 😀

  2. ama says:

    That’s awesome, congrats!

  3. Bianca T. says:

    A fost o plecere sa te ascult & cunosc, multumim pentru tot!

  4. carrina says:

    ce frumoasa e tinuta cu maleta si multe, multe brose! wow!!

  5. manu manuela says:

    Ador costumele de la Syland, iti vin minunat

  6. Lavinia Boncea says:

    Cred ca e foarte important ca generatia asta are si femei ca tine sa le inspire, nu doar Zavorence si cine stie mai cine erau pe cand eram eu adolescenta. Mai ales ca in ziua de azi naturaletea si “making it on your own” nu sunt calitati prea des intalnite…

  7. anda Zzz says:

    Si eu imi pun speranta in ei, par o generatie pusa pe schimbare 🙂

  8. Vera W says:

    Well, Zs are weird! Here’s to hoping they listened to you, they’ve got a lot to learn.

  9. fashionista says:

    Felicitari pentru conferinte, Ana!!!

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