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No, this is not an outfit post

I just wanted to share with you some pictures which I took this weekend during our wonderful trip to Sibiu, Romania. We went there to celebrate Diana’s birthday (if you are in some way confused Diana is the blond one of us, with that innocent and ravishing smile).

Diana usually celebrates her birthday by visiting a new country. But this year we realized that we saw many of Europe’s cities but few romanian ones, so we picked Sibiu.
And yes, it might be predictable but I fell in love with the vintage feeling of the city:) the streets , the buildings, the details which reminded me of lost times…

All in all it was a dreamy trip which showed us that we have many beautiful places that worth visiting.

We where really lucky cause this weekend was the Jazz festival in Sibiu and we where able to listen to some remarkable musicians.

Thank you Diana for taking us in an unforgettable trip, we really had a great time.
P.S. And yes the hotel was extremely/uber/super trouper fairytale like:) (I can imagine and understand that by now you people hate this word:))

How was your weekend?
Thank you so much to everybody that left comments, you guys constantly amaze me with your enthusiasm…THANK YOU SO MUCH.:)

P.S. nr. 2 Some of you asked me about the DIY blazer…I bought it from a thrift store…it was 4 sizes bigger than my size. I shortened the shoulders and the sleeves, removed the shoulder pads and cut the sleeve, after that I just added that white material on the sleeves…ohh it’s harder that I thought to explain:(. The next time(because yes, I have three more that wait adjustments:)) I’ll take pictures ok?

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  1. nookie says:

    I miss Sibiu so much:(
    lovin’ the color splash of the sneakers:)
    aww and happy birthday to Diana!

  2. Dip-tea says:

    Looks like a super fun crowd. Glad you had so much fun. We had a romantic weekend plus lots of shopping of course! 🙂

    Even though its not an outfit picture, you look so cool! I love the red lips and red keds thingie you have going on there. Plus the brooch on the lapel of your jacket is gorgeous!

  3. buffy says:

    how nice..:)..I visited Sibiu, too. And that was…if I remember right..mmm..Sunday, 16th may 2010.:). I love Sibiu too. I like that old air, vintage buildings, etc. You’re like a farytale from old times.
    Ps. thanks for yor comm, it’s a joy for me to know that you read my posts.

  4. Celine says:

    You look adorable even in your “non” outfit posts 🙂 – btw, you leave the sweetest, best comments on my blog, so thank you for that!!

  5. janettaylor says:

    Gorgeous jacket!

  6. Mary says:

    Haha, so you sayyy this isn’t an outfit post but you look SO great! I love the casual yet chic look!!!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  7. Out of Order says:

    what LOVELY pictures, thank you for sharing! I am still obsessed with that grey sweater/jacket thing ;]

  8. it seems you have a great weekind in Sibiu 🙂 that’s so great 😀 it is so fabulous to celebrate a birthday knowing different countries.. here i america it’s not so easy 🙁 anyway, you look so great in that outfit 🙂 love your jacket!

  9. Ramona J. says:

    Sibiu…orasul in care imi doresc sa traiesc,am facut o obsesie.Si maine as pleca acolo fara sa privesc inapoi.

  10. Great photos babe! I love the red shoes!

  11. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
    Your blog is really nice and interesting, what has attired my attention are your photos: have you applied any light filter? Anyways, love the result!

  12. magpie says:

    I love your pictures! I wish I could just pack up and take a weekend trip to another country. I’ve never been to Europe before! These pictures are beautiful!!

    I love your ruffely white blouse- it’s stunning! 🙂

  13. How I looove that city…my grandparents lived/one still lives there so I used to spend a part of my summer vacation there…can’t wait to take pics there. Not sure when, but who knows 🙂 your casual look. Probably the first time I’ve seen something like this on you..You look cute and polished!

    Love, Diana

  14. Ruxandra says:

    Sibiu probabil va ramane orasul meu favorit, desi nici Clujul nu e de lepadat.Doar ca trebuie sa vizitez si Timisoara, am auzit ca si acolo e superb.Intr-adevar, centrul vechi din Sibiu e foarte fairytale like-ador cuvantul:)In orice caz, abia astept vara sa calatoresc prin tara, gen sa iau trenul sa merg pt o zi undeva:)

  15. Ana says:

    That’s one of my dreams too Ruxandra:)

    I’m so glad that you guys loved Sibiu:)

    We are so alike, yeyyy:)

  16. denise says:

    what was the hotel name? 🙂

    i love the red shoes, are they branded? i have a thing with this kind of sport shoes :p

    your friends are lovely, i use to go away for my bthday too, shame on me i never visited Sibiu…

  17. nice pics!!! really!! i really love your bag where do you buy!! u are so beatiful really with this shine sun! hahah xxx thank you!

    im in a circle in marie claire spain if u like my blog you can vote me here:

    THANK YOU! 😉

  18. erin :) says:

    Great pics of Europe! I hope to travel to Romania and all of Europe one day! It’s so beautiful! 🙂
    I love your outfit! It could totally pass as an outfit post!

    And thanks for visiting my blog! Maybe we can follow each other. 🙂 You have an awesome blog here!

  19. Iulia says:

    Fashionista <3

  20. Ana says:

    @DEnise the hotel name is Am Ring, and the shoes are not branded:)

  21. Sibiu looks beautifulllll.

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