Sometimes the biggest present is knowing that there’s someone there

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Yes, I will continue to write in a “list” manner. You should know that I’m a big list person.

1. I finally managed to use my camera tripod. And used it to make some goofy pics while I was dancing on some catchy song .

2. Decided to quit smoking…bad bad decision!!! I kid I kid , God help me.

Now, let me tell you how I started my Saturday:

The phone rang, like 374 times. Got up , my head spinning and went to open the door. It was an errand boy, who brought me the cutest package, from…from…NY, actually it was from Delia, who brought it from NY for me :x.

You should know a few things about Delia…she was the first person to order a Snobbish Breakfast dress, actually two. On top of that she wore a Snobbish Breakfast dress to her best friend NY wedding! (proofs and all), I was so prrrouddddd:).

Last month Delia ordered another item from the collection, occasion with which I had the pleasure to meet her because I was in Bucharest. She’s the living proof of the modern woman: active, successfully self-employed , with a stylish designed house, a super cool kid and the perfect husband. And above all, she is extremely beautiful. Now, if I think closely, she reminds me of the SATC girls.

Well, we both love NY, the small difference: Delia goes there like two times/year or when she wants , to put it this way and well. I DON’T. Last week she just got back and brought me a few gifts (how cool is that???).

So let’s rewind, took the little package and run up the stairs super excited. When I opened the box I almost fainted of excitement. There it was…the perfect pair of perforated nylons…instant and absolute love. And just to be more dreamy she bought me a bottle of neon orange nail polish (because she was smart enough to notice that it’s my obsessive color) and the cutest H&M accessories. So believe me when I tell you that if the biggest girl drama was to happen it wouldn’t have matter, my Saturday was perfect!

I love her, she was so selflessly sweet and friendly and totally won my heart. And I secretly wish her son was older;).
You can see the tights in the pics, of course that I instantly tried them on. Aren’t they so uber cool? Cause I so think they are.

3. Dear Anonymous :

Thank you for the lovely comment and best of luck with the Cosmo thing:), well, we synced perfectly. You said you want to see more pics of my house and Super and I’ve just made some pics inside, so I hope you like them. Did also some close-ups, just for you:). Thank you for the lovely comment and who knows maybe next time you will leave your id too so we could know each other. Again, best of luck, fingers crossed.


Ohhh and I got the perfect Halloween cookie from Delia too ;), btw did you knew she has a hobby site? You should check it out, it’s much more useful than this one:).

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  1. Arina says:

    kf MIAU! :)))

  2. Marla Singer says:

    Delia seems like a very nice person! You’re lucky girl! I love the dress and the tights on you! Fantabulous, darling <33

  3. Marta says:

    fabulous photos!

  4. YAY for quitting smoking!! 😀 😀
    I love this outfit and the photos

  5. AzaharaJS says:

    wonderful pictures


  6. Corina says:

    Super faine pozele, ai avut o idee grozava sa pui in rama fotografia cu tine cand mananci vata de zahar roz :-)))) Mi-a placut si mie foarte mult! Iar Super e chiar super! Te pup.

  7. Meghan says:

    how cute! love the photos, and I’d love to get a fun package of goodies from another country! I’m super jealous of Zara 😉

  8. Sere says:

    cat pot fi de tari dresurile:X…Le ador pur si simplu…love the necklace si eu unul asemanator pe albastru…again a great outfit:X:X

    xoxo sere

  9. Bianca says:

    Hooray for tripods! These pictures came out so well, I love the soft light to them!


  10. so great pics!!!

  11. Jasmin says:

    Lovely post!
    It’s a good decision to quit smoking =]
    Your cat super is so cute in your photos!!!

  12. Dip-tea says:

    You look so gorgeous in black! The suede pumps and red jewelery are perfect accessories!

  13. Wow, those tights are amazing. Loving your look.

  14. Wow, those tights are amazing. Loving your look.

  15. DeVero says:

    What a nice post! Like the light in your pictures…what a good idea from anonymous 😉

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Ana, for taking my comment into consideration. You have a marvellous flat, as well as really superb clothes and accessories. But the best thing for you is, that you do what you like, and you are appreciated for all that. Thank you very much for your best wishes, and I promise, that I will reveal my identity soon. Have a great day!

  17. Fleur-de-Lis says:

    wow! Looking so cute in these photos!Loving the details in the house and the “goofy” photos turned out so well 🙂
    You hair is perfect!

  18. Chloe says:

    This post is fabulous – great photos, great listing! Love it! Delia sounds much more than delightful!

    (And YES for orange nail polish! I did mine up in “Screamin’ Tangerine” just last night!) 🙂

    chloe **
    ((youtube giveaway now!))

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for good stuff

  20. Alina says:

    nici nu am stat sa citesc textul, cum am vazut prima poza, am si dat scroll in jos la comentarii, ca sa iti spun ca ADOR DRESUL!!
    ok, acum revin la postare ca sa citesc textul

  21. denise says:

    uu this post is awesome, u look very chic and sensual, great post!

  22. samantha says:

    black dress won’t let you down. .sexy and cool!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info

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