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11 April 2011 / By / 16 Comments

I like to practice my creativity, I do it all the time, in all kinds of little projects that didn’t get to be mentioned here on the blog, because I somehow can’t find the time to do that lately (stop thinking that I’m hectic!), but my dearest creative act was by far my last year’s Snobbish Breakfast dresses.

One day we all found out that Mittens is pregnant, we got excited, more excited than we were when we thought at the I Became Addicted shop. That is now on hold because I’m in another city and Mittens, as I said, will have a mini Mittens. That same day I met another Adina

She got really excited when I asked her to pose for the new collection, then we got really hyper about these dresses and started talking on and on about how much we love them and how well these kind of dresses describe who we both are.

One thing led to another and because for me first of all is about having fun and be creative I asked her to collaborate with me and to be part of Snobbish Breakfast. She said “yes”, I said “yes” , we laughed and bought some sunglasses to seal the deal(don’t ask)

Why do I like her? Because she’s honest, she’s hardworking and she doesn’t whine (so I can do that freely and undisturbed!)

And this collection is our first project together, we hope you love it as much as we do.

If you want to order a dress just send us an e mail at

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  1. so you… congratulations!!!!



  2. Wow those dresses are amazingggggggg!!!! I love the leopard one most! 😀

  3. Zazuza says:

    you are such a talented person! and I am glad you met the right people to help you dreaming!

  4. Sunaina says:

    Super gorgeous dresses! you’re Good!

  5. Great work Anna!

    I love the look and styling of these dresses, and the jewelry chosen is pretty nice too.

    Where do you find such nice fabric?

    You could sell these on if you like.

  6. Anca Buzea says:

    I;m glad you posted this, I had a hard time choosing just by seeing the dresses at the fair… Looking forward to try them on soon 😉

  7. Catalina says:

    Cam ce pret au rochiile, Ana? 🙂 Sunt superbe!

  8. Meghan says:

    love those dresses, especially the pink and leopard ones!

  9. colorsdiary says:

    i love creative people!


  10. S. says:

    wow 😀 beautiful 😀 I love the last picture 😉
    Live.Laugh.Love. – everyday.

  11. I love love it all. So wonderful-can’t wait to see more!

  12. Cristina says:

    Nice collection. Love the light green lime dress!

  13. Love it! Adina is a godess, they all look great but my favs are the animal print one, the one shoulder blue one and the white lace one. Great job!:)

  14. Corina says:

    Draga mea Ana, felicitari! Ma bucur mult ca “visezi mai mult” si mai departe si stii ca iti tin pumnii in tot ce vei face in continuare!

  15. HannahAlyse says:

    This is such a stunning shoot. The dresses made my heart skip a beat! They are so lovely and im really excited that I found your blog!

  16. Foarte frumoase rochiile si Adina!! Felicitari!! am zarit si cateva accesorii de pe! O rochita noua si un accesoriu vintage= reteta perfecta!
    Va pup

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