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13 April 2011 / By / 4 Comments


I’m looking through some papers, bored, thinking that I want something nice to happen.
After 5 minutes my inbox warns me that I have a new mail (great, more reports to go over).

But no, it’s a mail from Anca. She tells me about a personal shopping service that was just founded in one of the malls and that she wants me to go and check it out.

Hmmm, normally I couldn’t because at 8 o’clock I’m still at the office, but today I’m gonna make an exception.

I have to get there and meet Andreea, who will be my personal shopper 4 this session.

An hour later and an hour LATE I finally get there. Andreea waits for me at the entrance. She’s soooooooo smartttttt, and calm(I’m not a calm person, well, don’t imagine that I’m nervous all the time, I’m just restless). I find it difficult to handle calm people but she has something that just comforts me.

When we entered her studio lots of cool accessories and all the nude colors where waiting 4 me. Andreea told me that she studied my personality and tastes and that she is confident that those are just my kind of likes. Well, she was right.

We had a marvelous time, had a glass of wine, talked about everything from clothes to friends to art and projects, and besides that, she picked the exact clothes and accessories that I would have picked.

You should also know that “The Shopping Assistant” is a free service that you can access by phone or mail. You make an appointment and just tell Andreea what you would like to shop. She will find it 4 you. And instead of running wild from shop to shop searching, you will enjoy a glass of wine or coffee and just pick and try on from what the smart and creative Andreea found for you.

Did I mention that I was bored and sad that day and just wished for something magical to happen.
Talk about the “attraction law” huh?

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  1. cat de tare poate sa fie acest serviciu. mai ales pentru oamenii ocupati care nu au timp de cumparaturi! Bravo

  2. enie meenie says:

    your mirror decor is pretty brilliant 🙂

    glad your day brightened with good ol’ wine & new threads!

  3. colorsdiary says:

    great initiative!


  4. Inge says:

    foarte tare….mi se pare super ca au facut asa cea…intrebarea mea este daca serviciul mai este gratuit in caz ca nu cumperi nimic din ceea ce ti-a selectat shopper-ul personal…

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