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I still remember the moment I discovered Bourjois. I was still living in Arad and they had just inaugurated a Bourjois make-up stand in the city’s main mall. The packaging was so atypical, so different from anything I had ever seen until then, so feminine, so glamorous, all the products looked like they came straight from Marie Antoinette ‘s boudoir. inima-albastru





That is my first memory of Bourjois. These make-up products, with their magical composition and decadent packaging left a powerful mark on me. That moment was more than 15 years ago. Since then, one Bourjois product remained with me over the years. Once a stash was finished, another made its way in my vanity quickly, to replace it. I remember one time I couldn’t find it in Arad so I drove all the way to the first Hungarian city to buy one (my lady friends who know me since forever can testify, we did a road trip especially for this). It was the Bourjois Rose Ambre blush. Soft pink, with a tiny touch of glitter. I’ve been using this Bourjois product for more than 13 years now and I wouldn’t have abandoned it if last year I wouldn’t have stopped using blush altogether. The end of an era…






A few days ago, Bourjois launched a collection which was brought to my attention with the certitude that I will most surely adore it. I was close to being star struck. Firstly, because it was BOURJOIS. A brand I share a history with, a brand that gave me a product who witnessed half of my life’s highlights but also my lows. A beauty enhancer that was a part of my daily routine for more than 13 years. It was this blush and my antique jewelry. If someone asked me which was my power look attire…







Photos by Costrut


And they were right alright because DUHHHH, the Bourjois campaign is called RED IN THE CITY (Obvs), and it’s a limited edition collection of 8 new lipsticks. 4 mattes and 4 demi-mattes, perfectly fitted with these 5 French Chic Styles.

For the ones who don’t know (although if you’ve a daily reader, it’s pretty hard not to notice this, considering that I’m using red lipstick exclusively – except the experimental moments) RED LIPSTICK is my addictive lipstick or lip-stain signature color. Because:

  1. I think it’s uber sensual

      2. It’s so devilishly feminine

       3. It’s the Marlene Dietrich of lipsticks

       4. It adds a touch of sensuality to a casual outfit and completes a glamorous one – which is actually my QED in a pictorial today 5b

        5. Because it’s treeessss chicccc



One of my make-up love brands and an exclusively RED lipstick shades collection…It was a good day in the Morodan universe.







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  1. Adriana C. says:

    Ommmggg porti blugi, nu pot sa cred! :)))

  2. papi says:

    Bourjois is my fave makeup brand too!

  3. Lara says:

    Rosul inchis e pur si simplu seducator

  4. CatLady says:

    Dar lui Fitz ce nuanta ii place cel mai mult? 😀

  5. Anina says:

    Ce ciudat e sa te vad intr-o tinuta atat de casual precum a doua, dar iti sta f bine 🙂

  6. CamiCamelia says:

    Imi plac noile nuante de mor, abia astept sa le incerc

  7. Ev says:

    So glam!

  8. natalia trif says:

    ce bine iti sta cu cel burgundi <3 e mat?

  9. amyami says:

    Ador rujul rosu <3333

  10. Lolli says:

    Daca pana si lui Fitz ii plac inseamna ca sunt ce trebuie :)))

  11. cara says:

    De acord, rujul rosu e cel mai senzual

  12. Diva says:

    So many cool outfits & attitudes ❤️

  13. Sabinica says:

    Sunteti tare scumpi, tu si Fitz!!

  14. MoroFan says:

    Iti stau absolut minunat toate nuantele de rosu, parca pentru tine a fost facut acest ruj 🙂

  15. Gigilicious says:

    You might have outfits that are all very different, however one thing’s not missing from any: class. Love that about you

  16. Marginica says:

    Primul costum iti sta genial!!!

  17. IntoTheWoods says:

    I love a girl in a powersuit <3

  18. Lory says:

    Lovely outfits! I love your style and attitude!
    Inspiration and greetings from MissGrey Romania –

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