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26 September 2016 / By / 6 Comments
  • Love this man’s charisma. Although not a fan of the American self-help perspective. He has a point here







  • Have you tried this? I tried it, not for a whole month but when I’m really stressed, not thinking about my outfit and just taking a pre-prepared one from my wardrobe is bliss.











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  1. J says:

    Ce tare e doamna Flossie hahaha

  2. Laura Carmen says:

    Loved the article with Brie Larson and the “It girl” myth

  3. MoroFan says:

    #TeamCapricorn <3

  4. Petra says:

    Am intrat pe articolul cu Art Nouveau si am stat o ora buna pe pagina lor de fb. Superb!!!

  5. Carina Marin says:

    E geniala ideea cu garderoba capsula, abia astept sa ajung acasa sa ma pun pe sortat si aranjat

  6. Medina says:

    Ador din tot sufletul canalul StyleLikeU de pe youtube, e extraordinar ce fac si mesajul, atat de puternic!!

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