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14 September 2011 / By / 15 Comments

Almost a month ago I moved in another apartment. Ok, let me rephrase that, almost a month ago I kicked out Andrei from that apartment so that I can move instead!

Now, my new, “stolen” apartment is featured  on Pret a Protester.  You can see more pics and read  Medine’s point of view there .

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  1. Life in mono says:

    Felicitari 🙂 arata minunat! Sa te bucuri de ea.

  2. stilistele says:

    it looks a lot like a Parisian house, for some reason, it gives me that vibe. I love the vintage touches! really beautiful house. What are you supposed to say when someone is moving in a new home?…have fun there? :*

  3. mazilique says:

    deci i demand sa vad bucataria :)))))

  4. Pfoooa now I`m in love with your apartment too! Looks great. Mine is still hectic, because we live in here 2 messy persons. What are you doing to keep it so well-ordered?

  5. georgi says:

    Wow! An apartment to fall in love with! Where is it? Are there more? 🙂

  6. SUPERB!! I need you to come decorate my house lol

  7. Wow it looks amazing!! I want to live there 😉

  8. Sing says:

    Very nice, so french.

  9. Meghan says:

    great great design style, my dear! I’m so inspired by the mannequin as belt and necklace holder!


  10. colorsdiary says:

    a very cosy house, I like!

  11. I would like to live here a lot. x hivenn

  12. Elena says:

    I love it! It very cosy and stylish. You are sooo lucky to live there:X

  13. Boheme.Fille says:

    My dream apartment!

  14. locke says:

    Tabloul cu Prada imi aminteste de Gossip Girl:) Arata foarte frumos apartamentul tau.

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