Porcelain kittens

9 September 2011 / By / 27 Comments
Snobbish Breakfast dress, Oasis blouse
Welcome to my terrace, a part of it.
I told you that I recently moved, and the new apartment has an immense terrace(yes, I throw rooftop parties ) with a view above the city, it  feels so magical and melancholic…I’m planning to show you more soon.
Another aspect of this movement and of having a rooftop terrace is that I receive all sort of unpredictable visits, including from lots of gray cats.
They look like porcelain dolls…beautiful but empty. I love them! Because they are the most capable to adapt.
Ok, I’m nonsense-ing again, move along people and have an autumn scented weekend.

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Forjor de Zambete la Fabrica de Cultura – FITS 2018
22 June 2018
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
My Future Obsession: FOREO UFO smart mask device
3 May 2018
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection – The Next Chapter
18 April 2018


  1. Amie K says:

    What a beautiful rooftop and I love the view, and your outfit!

    love Amie


  2. stilistele says:

    hm…for some reason, I always have the feeling that cats have a thing for fashionistas…or is it the other way around?
    love the colors in your outfit and the simplicity of it. great choice.

  3. You look very relaxed. What ist in the glass 😉 ?
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Anda Zelenca says:

    Uhhhh, this looks so relaxing!:X


  5. You look so amazing on your roof top! I love the slouchy and chic outfit you’re so casualy wearing!:)

  6. Sooo romantic and amazing photos honey!

  7. Ana says:

    rochia este absolut superba:*imi place culoarea laptopului tau, e foarte girly:)

  8. What a beautiful terrace!! and I love how flowy your outfit is 😀

  9. Special K says:

    Great photos, love the skirt! 😡

  10. Anna says:

    love the colors of your outfit and that terrace looks magical! do show us more!

  11. toytulip says:

    and speaking of your lovely laptop…what exactly is it? I am in search for a new one, so any kind of information would be greatly appreciated! 😀

  12. Anonymous says:

    Love your hair. Your roof top view looks beautiful.

  13. georgi says:

    amazing place! breathtaking grace! lovely outfit! 🙂

  14. Anaivilo says:

    I would so love to have a terrace..it’s great! 😀 Love the skirt, it has such a great fabric and color… very beautiful! 😀

  15. those tricks says:

    I’m envious of your beautiful terrace.
    Enjoy a bloody mary out there for me!

  16. Alina F. says:

    Gorgeous pictures,as always!You look beautiful!

  17. Iulia says:

    Foarte frumos locul :X.
    Imi place la nebunie fusta. 😀

  18. Loving the blouse from Oasis. Gorgeous as always hun <3

  19. Zazuza says:


  20. Tamara says:



  21. Mona says:

    Nu ma mai satur sa iti privesc pozele si tinutele,iti admir talentul!

  22. MIRIAM says:

    Great long dress!!! I like it!!! You are beautiful!!!


  23. Elena Ivan says:

    Sa-mi spui cum iti este la iarna cu frigul, dintotdeauna am vrut sa cumpar un apartament asa, le stiu, sunt grozave, dar am auzit diverse pareri. Enjoy the view!

  24. rental mobil says:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  25. Boheme.Fille says:

    Gorgeous outfit!..and love the terrace!

  26. moco says:

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