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3 April 2016 / By / 6 Comments


Ana-Morodan-Luxury_MagazinePhoto by Ciprian Strugariu



I`m so grateful for being chosen by Luxury Magazine and Sephora as one of the powerful entrepreneur ladies they feel inspired by.


Along with Malvina, Andreea Raicu, Rosalie Kanda (such a Girl Power lady), Anca Serea, Carmen Seitan and other inspiring women, I was featured in the latest issue of Luxury Magazine. This edition was about women who built their business from the bottom to the top and about women empowering other women.

Getting recognized for these two attributes makes me feel so proud of what I`ve accomplished. (I`m the over critical type, so feeling proud of myself is rare, but such an energizer) 



P.S. During this shooting I met George, Ana and Ciprian. They convinced me to try a different look that I loved. So fierce. Soo fierceeeee. 5b



Thank you Luxury Magazine inima-albastru










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  1. Claude says:

    Love you in this look, you stand out among the other lovely ladies 😀

  2. Anamaria P. says:

    Sunteti minunate, toate. Ma bucur ca si in Romania se poate!

  3. Vio says:

    Tu chiar ar trebui sa fii mandra de ceea ce ai realizat, esti o mega femeie 😀

  4. Oana P. says:

    Ce fain te prinde look-ul asta 🙂

  5. MoroFan says:

    Go Ana, Go Ana, Go! <3 One step closer to conquering the wold.

  6. Vikky says:

    Oare mai gasesc revista asta sau a aparut editia noua? Mi-ar placea tare mult sa o am.

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