One Facebook Page That Will Make You Believe in Humanity All Over Again

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1 April 2016 / By / Comments Off

ana_morodan_marie_ollieMarie Ollie dress – Tria Alfa earrings


I`m taking my Morodan Corporation #haha #soon crew on a team building at the sea side this weekend so we`re finishing our last tasks at the office and we`re good to go but first (no, I`m not wearing this dress while we`re teambuilding in sand and sea, I have others just the same 5b)


Before I go, here`s one Facebook page which made me super positive this morning:


O m e l e t o


With special focus on this video which shows how grown-ups react to children bullying other children or how labeling based on appearance is many times wrong.

I loved this kid`s will and determination! He`s a though hero! And this is a modern day fairy tale


be-splendid-semnatura 1





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