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23 February 2016 / By / 15 Comments


I`m a Skrillex & Diplo fan. Together and separately. This is their new single. 



Stop raising your eyebrow. I`m unpredictable people. And the fact that I`m unpredictable, is actually very predictable if you notice how often I change my make-up style. (eat your heart out Dr.Seuss)





I thought it will be artsy/hipster like but now I realize that I just look a little bit cocalara cu poseta prin padure. 






IMG_9899Hunter boots – H&M tights and blouse – fur collar available at Aviatorilor 41 – C&A gloves – Prada sunglasses – & Other Stories hat – Chanel bag


I`m a tree hugger,  people. Expect lots of content with nature this year. 


I still remember five year ago when I went on a trip to the mountains. Tents, bonfires, snakes, endless forest and mountain walks…I literally lived a nightmare. I was dreaming of hotels, gourmet and a bath. Back then, it was nightmare. 


Today, there`s nothing which calms me more than a walk in the woods. Reasons why I plan to do some ecology and forest friendly projects this year. You know…that huge amount of trash in the woods is not nice peopleeee, not nice. Not that we, the ones present in my virtual crowd do this, but you know, maybe we can do something to change this situation. And some reforestation won`t hurt either. And I`ll stop here before I go all political reasons on this matter and end up taking a Xanax. 


Until then, I`ll plan a picnic for all of us, in April. And you are all invited. I`ll let you know all the details. And maybe we`ll gather some trash from the forest also. A? Would you like to come?



 Oh yes, there`s the swan situation. We found it on your way to Comana. I had to go all  Milf Nils Holgersson. 









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  1. Madalina Gabriela says:

    Ce tare e palaria si-ti sta genial cu ea!!!

  2. Catalina Truta says:

    vine politia :))))) desi sunt sigura ca ai fi facut o poza si domnii politisti, ei pazeau lebada si tu erai tot sus pe ea :)))

  3. Viviana says:

    Eco all the waaaaaaaay, bravo Ana

  4. Ilie Marta says:

    Unde este aceast lebadoi????? Trebuie neaparat sa ma pozez cu el :)))

  5. carmina says:

    Yes, yes, yes, ecology all the way. Because if you don’t DO something, we will have nothing pretty soon

  6. Silvia P. says:

    Ne vedem cu siguranta sa curatam padurea si sa plantam. Gin Tonic included? 😀

  7. Mimi Adam says:

    coolest fur collar

  8. florentina says:

    Eu inca ma intreb daca cei care arunca gunoi in padure arunca si la ei in sufragerie

  9. Mari says:

    I’m a tree hugger too 🙂

  10. Laura says:

    Ce tare e piesa, n-as fi crezut ca e genul tau

  11. diana says:

    hat queen or mad hatter…I can’t decide :)))

  12. IzaBella says:

    I love picnics, do we have a dress code? 🙂

  13. Cristiana Ifrim says:

    Te prinde bine blana, mai ales in culoarea asta 😉 Iar momentul in care te sui pe lebada e memorabil :)))

  14. Larisa says:

    Piiicccnnniiiccc!!! Natura!! Super!! Abia astept 🙂

  15. Anca says:

    Imi place la nebunie poza de pe rața! super tare! Morodan strikes again!

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