Parallel Lives

29 July 2010 / By / 27 Comments

Photos by Noree Anne Celine
If we are Facebook friends maybe some of you remember when I posted a vintage like picture of a girl on my wall.

I’m talking about this pic



I finally met her yesterday and she is indeed magical, she’s so cool and awesome and goth and chic and mysterious and so so 19th century like. She’s different and confident and she really likes being this way.

She studies fashion photography in England and lives in France, how cool is that?:)

We took some pics just to see if there’s a mingle;). I feel sorry because I didn’t take her picture because, let me tell you her outfit was totally much more creative and fash than mine:)

Check herblog or her facebook if you want to step into a fairytale, a different kind of fairytale;)


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  1. janettaylor says:

    Cute scarf, dearest Ana.

  2. You look so cute! I stumbled upon her blog before and I think she’s very inspiring. 🙂

  3. Sutton says:

    i love this post ~ you are such a beauty!

  4. You look so cute! I stumbled upon her blog before and I think she’s very inspiring. 🙂

  5. That is so cool! I`m really glad that you finnaly met! I really her style

  6. Andrejka says:

    I love your style, Ana! 🙂


  7. nookie says:

    very very cool, gonna check it out asap!
    love how you tied the scarf:)

  8. Mary says:

    Lovely!! Heading over now!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  9. denise says:

    the first picture looks so gooooooood (in fact i like all), you have that full-of-hope attitude, love it 😉

  10. Oana Roxana says:

    Prima poza e foarte reusita. Nu stiu daca te uitai intr-adevar la ceva,dar pari a astepta un raspuns. Celine pare o persoana interesanta si un fotograf priceput.Chiar acum ma delectez cu blogul ei. 😉

  11. 😀 So you like the photos? How about the other edited ones? ^^ Si pot sa ma mai imbrac o data asa daca vrei sa-mi faci poza 😛

  12. And thank you to everyone for the nice words about my photos :”> I’m feeling really happy now

  13. Fia says:

    This outfit is perfect! I love everything about it.

  14. Kate Friday says:

    Your skirt is super cute. Just found your blog and love it 🙂

  15. Anthea says:

    She took beautiful pics of you!

    Embracing Style

  16. Cornelia Gaie says:

    Noree, i love your pictures so much. Really inspiring!

  17. Keira says:

    I just found you through eat.sleep.wear, and I am in love with your style and photography! So glad I found you 🙂

  18. Such great photos! Love the mixing between the stripes and the kind of “leopard pattern”

  19. I like your fearlessness as to mixing prints! Works to a marvel. Makes you glow.

  20. Dena says:

    Love your striper skirt.


  21. Dena says:

    Love your striper skirt.


  22. nice outfit! i love the way you wear your scarf!
    chck my blog, i’ve got a surprise for you!!!

  23. Fleur says:

    This outfit is absolutely perfect! Nothing’s missing and nothing’s there for nothing!

  24. awesome shots! you look really pretty (and stylish)! 🙂

    Castor Pollux

  25. Ruxandra says:

    Hello beautiful!
    Tot citind bloguri am “aterizat” la un post cu o tinuta ce avea ca inspiratie o tinuta de-a ta din aprilie … thought you’d like to know 🙂
    Happy weekend!

  26. Robyn says:

    The blazer and striped skirt combo is classic chic.

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