Opreste Violenta Verbala – A Campaign for UNICEF

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9 February 2015 / By / 14 Comments


When I was proposed to be a part of this campaign I thought about how this subject affected me in a certain period of my life. I thought about how easily words spoken with anger can hurt so much and for so long. I thought about many adult persons who are hurting even today because of what somebody said to them in their childhood. These kind of things leave profound marks into our souls and minds. And maybe not everybody is as strong as I was. And we need to be aware that sometimes words hurt harder than a punch.











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  1. Marga Ionescu says:

    Cata dreptate ai cu aceste cuvinte.

  2. florina says:

    sunt total de acord cu aceasta campanie, violenta verbala e peste tot si din pacate in fiecare dintre noi

  3. Kiki says:

    Sometimes words hurt more than slaps

  4. daniella says:

    great work! Love the pearls 🙂

  5. Carmen says:

    cuvintele chiar sunt o arma, putini isi dau seama

  6. Lalla says:

    Words can hurt so much, especially children. The problem is that not only adults hurt, but kids also

  7. Violeta Pop says:

    Jos palaria pentru implicare

  8. lucia says:

    ma bucur sa vad ca esti alaturi de oameni in cauze sociale

  9. Gabi Enescu says:

    bravo Ana si Unicef! Esti superba ca de obicei 🙂

  10. ioana says:

    eu as infiinta politia violentei verbale! ce-mi aud urechile prin hipermarketuri sau in mall….

  11. Despina says:

    Jos palaria!

  12. amelie says:

    ❤️ your pearls

  13. Mihaela Lalla says:

    super campanie, bravo

  14. gabi says:

    te apreciez mult pentru tot ce faci, mult succes

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