Here Are a Few Things To Tell Your Therapist About Me

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7 February 2015 / By / 18 Comments

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Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan (3)I am wearing a Stephan Pelger dress and a Bon Bijou headband

© Serban Cristea in a Purple Flowers wedding setting




Although we are all running mad to set up Morodan Shop for its launch, I couldn`t refuse an invitation to take some pictures in a beautiful flower setting. Made by Purple Flowers for their Wedding Fair participation, the table of flowers and its accessories gave me those few hours of refreshment I eagerly needed. Also got me thinking one more time about how important some things are in our life and how we tend to not see and appreciate them anymore.


If someone`s therapist knows everything about me, then I want him to know:


  • that each time I`m surrounded by flowers I`m feeling like a royal person. Nope, I don`t feel that when I wear Chanel. Then I just feel empowered and fashionable
  • that I strive to live simply but I don`t always succeed
  • that I think cats are the most cute creatures on Earth and their smell is like a drug for me
  • that one of my beliefs is that the same boiling water softens potatoes but hardens eggs. It`s all about what you are made of  not your circumstances
  • that I know that the grass is green only if  I water it. So I do that.
  • that I know that one small crack does not mean that I am broken. It means that I`ve been put to the test and I didn`t fall apart. And I know I have many cracks but I`m proud of myself that I`m still standing.
  • I don`t have time for false conversation. I amuse myself by telling people to their faces what I think about them. God and bad things. I consider it powerful and honest




Strive to always have fresh flowers in your home. No matter what kind of flowers. Arrange them in a creative way – check this flower board from Pinterest for inspiration. It will make you feel romantic and poised. And your guests will be impressed and fascinated by the serenity of your home. 

If you have a male guest which you might want to impress buy some lilies and wear red, white or beige. It`s a mix of energies between lilies and you wearing those colors. Trust me, it works.















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  1. Foarte frumoase fotografii si inspirante texte 🙂

    Va invit pe blogul si pagina mea de facebook:

  2. Nadia says:

    amazing flowers ❤️

  3. denisa m. says:

    superba rochia, ador auriul 🙂

  4. Maria says:


  5. fashionlover says:

    the setting is absolutely amazing, very royal

  6. Ada says:

    pentru florile astea m-as mai marita o data :))))

  7. lorry says:

    cool headband

  8. sandra says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ sandaleleeeeee

  9. diana says:

    Absolut superbe florile, m-au lasat fara cuvinte

  10. oana b. says:

    si eu am flori proaspete aproape mereu, acum astept cu ardoare Chanelul 😉

  11. Clara says:

    amazing flower setup, bravooo Pure Flowers

  12. natalie says:

    I love cats, I’m sure I’ll have 5 when I’m old 🙂

  13. florina says:

    minunate fotografii

  14. adelina paun says:

    imi plac textele tale din ce in ce mai mult, felicitari

  15. Gratiela says:

    ador florile in special cele albe

  16. Ofelia says:

    I would love this for my wedding ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Maddy says:

    Amazing dress, love it! So Carrie, dont’t you think? 🙂

  18. dora says:

    nu cred ca puteai gasi o tinuta mai potrivita cu florile. sau invers 😉

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