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The following situation happened on an ordinary morning, last week. It first hit me when I entered my living room that morning – I just didn’t like it anymore. It all seemed childish and unsophisticated. And that was just not possible! I’ve always loved my homes.


I may not seem so, being a fashion aficionado, but I always cared most about the way my home looks. It`s important for me, I don`t want to be one of those women who look fashionable but own a messy or plain home. It is a contradiction of the whole ‘essence of women’ theory #bleah #nope






Naturally, m-am bosumflat. Something had to be done! I needed help. Yes, I am one of those women who do not think that they know everything. Nope, I needed a specialist. A specialist who would help me transform my living room in a few weeks, when Serban would be away so I could surprise him too.


I was thinking about the perfect combination of a few sophisticated pieces and a cozy touch when I remembered! I know the most awesome mix & match specialist – Photoliu!


That was it, I got dressed and payed a visit to Irina Pogonaru, the brain behind this home deco brand. I trust her to understand my needs and I also love her eclectic sense of style so… I decided that she should be my redecoration consultant and supplier of beautiful and personalised furniture pieces!



ana going to photoliu


Because I`ve decided to document this new Home Couture Affair with Photoliu, here`s us, at our first meeting.


irirna si ana





irirna pogonaru and ana choosing fabrics


anamorodan comI wore Other Stories heels, PNK Casual skirt and Massimo Dutti shirt

Pictures and video by Mihai Dina at La Maison

Video editing – Vlad Constanda




Well, after an hour and a half and after I almost managed to turn Irina into a nervous wreck, I finally decided on what I want. I can`t wait to show you the next steps of  our redecoration.

It involves a daybed and a very exciting mix &  match composition. 





I simply cannot wait to see what Photoliu will do to my living room!


Stay tuned for the next episode of A Home Couture Affair with Photoliu






Anetta Home Couturetta





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  1. alina enescu crin says:

    aaaah ce entuziasmata sunt! eu sunt genul care iti redecoreaza casa o data pe an pentru se plictiseste :))))

  2. We Have Style says:

    loved the video <3 <3 <3

  3. C.L. says:

    adorrrrrr look-ul tau si sandalele sunt superbe le vreau!!!!

  4. Dianaaa says:

    iesit din comun de stilata! muah!

  5. MARTA'S CLOSET says:

    so exciting :))))

  6. helena christensen says:

    wonderful textures and fabrics <3

  7. Nico says:

    ah inteleg perfect prin ce treci, casa trebie sa fie intotdeauna proaspata si plina de energie fresh! bravo!

  8. camelia says:

    wow cat de chic porti fusta asta, am si eu una cu banda trasnparenta dar mereu mi se pare ca arata aiurea pe mine nu stiu cum s-o port…noroc cu tine 🙂 ma voi inspira sa stii!

  9. Micsan Ioana Maria says:

    esti splendida si emani o super energie :***


    mad about your style
    looks like your home will look even more amazing :)))

  11. kiki's day says:

    you can do wonders with a white shirt and a black skirt LOVE IIIIIT <3

  12. A Modern Girl says:

    nimic nu se compara cu felul in care te simti intr-o casa proaspat redecorata 🙂 eu una ma simt like a new lady in my own castel 🙂

  13. mariana says:

    recunosc ca m-ai facut curiosa!
    cu ocazia asta am aflta si despre un loc de unde mi-ar placea sa-mi cumpar mobilier pentru noua mea casa 🙂 cool

  14. Game Of Style says:

    Le chic Photoliu <3 j'aime!

  15. alecsandra negrea says:

    pffff cred ca ti-a fost greu sa alegi, din ce vad eu as fi inebunit designerul de interior pentru mi se par superbe 🙂

  16. So So Chic says:

    it is stunning how you find the energy to do all this work Ana, I guess it is beacause you love what you do, right? looking promising, anxious to see the final result 🙂

  17. samantha says:

    a true lady in action! iuhuuuu!

  18. popescu A. says:

    ar trebui sa fac si eu asta…acum arat ca tine in poza cu boticul 🙂 nu stiu ce-i cu noi femeile, dar suntem legate de casa noastra intr-un mod cu totul aparte 🙂

  19. popescu A. says:

    vaaaaai ce poze dragute si ce film dragut 🙂 esti minunata Ana!

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