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10 March 2011 / By / 15 Comments


Snobbish Breakfast dress, Zara jacket, Mango skarf

Funny or better yet, idiotic stuff happen to me lately!

Ohhh well,you attract what you radiate…

So, there is this guy, he’s sort of cute, funny, in some weird and twisted way, has an awesome smile and maybe, just maybe, I may like him A BIT.

To make the story short, we go out, have 10 % fun and 90% argue and at the end of the night I’m ending up with a cocktail in front of me, ready to hit someone.
Next morning, I wake up, take my “little black book” and I think to myself …”Next”.

The End. The End?!?!
Noooo. I’m Ana, things are never that easy with me.

We go out on a second date?!?!(I don’t know if it was a date!) but wait, wait, please note this important detail I’m going to tell you…we agreed in going to a movie and he said it will be cool to see me wearing jeans.


Jeans?!?! What are those?!? I don’t own something like that? I’m a skirt/dress person.
After several minutes of frustrating thoughts like “I’M NOT gonna wear what he wants, I’m ME, no matter what” bla, bla, bla, feminist ideals, it hits me! I really don’t own not even one pair of jeans! In any of the closets, from both cities.

I mean, I had jeans ofc but at the last closet cleaning (autumn 2010) I gave them all away.
Of course that on Moday I came to the office and instead of handling the urgent things I had to do, the first think I did was google-ing some online shops to find that perfect pair of jeans.

In a few seconds google shows me among others, fashionable jeans from

I’m clicking, after all, I can’ t resist the word fashionable!
Ha! Now I have not one but FOUR pairs of jeans!
And I’m planning to wear them the next time we go out. If only he would call again…

P.S. He did call, and he’s not that annoying and we actually had fun. But now I don’t know if I like him! (typically!) but that’s a story for another time.


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  1. Anaivilo says:

    Oh gorgeous skirt!! I just love maxi skirts, adn you look so rgeat in this 😀

  2. Taiga says:

    Can’t wait to see the jeans!

    (At least one pair? Please?)

    I think it’s awesome that you never wear them, I always wear them and don’t know how to give up! I’ve never worn a pair of pants that were NOT jeans! Well, maybe when I was very young..

    You really are my hero! 😀

  3. kittenhood says:

    nice story :))

  4. anca says:

    very nice, you pun a smile on my face! please some photos with at least one pair of jeans, not necessarily on you 😛

  5. Chloe says:

    I think it’s absolutely FABULOUS that you never wear jeans! Denim has become too much of a uniform; your maxi dresses and tailored dresses are so inspirational! Love it, girl!


    chloe **

  6. Anto says:

    Figura esti! hugs hugs ca imi esti taare draga!>:D<

  7. AzaharaJS says:

    KEEP CALM AND CARRIE ON, I love this poster!!!
    I have one in blue in the hall of my house


  8. Alexandra says:

    so,so,so cute <3 you're such a teenager like now (like me :p )
    I’m so happy you commented on my tiny little blog <3 you're one of my fav bloggers around =)

    p.s. jeans are fun <3 good luck wearing them !

    alexandra @

  9. Rene Braun says:

    I love maxi! Great look!



  10. Zazuza says:

    com’on! jeans are fun, jeans are sexy, jeans are freedom, and jeans are blues and all that jazz! jeans are cool, jeans are rebel, jeans are simple, jeans are tough, jeans are GREAT!

  11. Luiza says:

    Ce mi-a placut povestioara ta! Cred ca de cele mai multe ori dragostea vine de unde nu te astepti 😀
    Anyway….o pereche de blugi(sau mai multe, in cazul meu) trebuie sa existe in garderoba unei femei :)Te ajuta in muuuuulte situatii.
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Luiza from lifestyle philosophy

  12. Sing says:

    Cute jacket and skirt.

  13. Stephanie says:

    everyone needs a pair of jeans 😉 you can wear them with eeeeverything!! 😉

    and btw I can understand you.. I’m in the same situation, the guy calls, he’s cute & nice but I’m not sure if I’m really that into him (confusing.. as always ;))
    Live.Laugh.Love. – everyday.

  14. Delia says:

    Ana, I don´t like jeans either…but all of that jazz, flower-power…oh yeah, it rocks 🙂

  15. Chloe says:

    Ahhhh…the battle for jeans. 🙂 I’ve totally been there before, girl! You’ll look fab no matter what. You always do! :))

    chloe **

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