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17 March 2013 / By / 5 Comments


My darlings, I wanna share with you today one of the highlights of the week – being invited on the Romanian version of Fashion Police broadcast on Antena 2 TV. I was glad to be invited because it’s a recognition of my work and excellence on my field.

Along with Stephan Pleger, we gave our best to be impartial, objective and of course, to listen to Mr. Buta‘s technical advice.

Thank you to all of you who click on High Street and for all of your support. You are all part of this adventure and I appreciate you being here, a lot!

Now, go out into the world and enjoy a sunny Sunday.

I’m sending you all my love  from Cluj (our destination for the weekend) and let’s see each other tomorrow with a smile on our faces (I’ll take care of that) and without hating Mondays.(#hard, #stillhatemonday,#iwannaliveonsaturdays)



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Follow the steps and Booommmm – brighten you days with some chic gifts – tadaaa



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Diana says:

    Emisiunea a fost draguta per total. Felicitari pentru aparitie 🙂
    Moderatoare in schimb e extrem de deranjanta. Felul in care a intrerupt pe toata lumea (…mai putin pe O.Buta poate), dupa 3 secunde dupa ce a pus o intrebare, m-a scos din minti. Extrem de neconcludenta in exprimare si moderare.
    Anyway, have a nice sunny Sunday 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Bravo Ana!!!! Mult, mult succes in continuare!

  3. Dana Gherghilescu says:

    Ana, de ce nu faci tu schimb cu Oana? Sa ramana ea acasa firever si sa ii iei tu locul ca moderator si critic de fashion? Mi-ai face o maaare bucurie! Te pup si ma bucur enorm de mult ca reusesc sa te descopar pe zi ce trece mai bine! :*

  4. Ana says:

    Your love (and fascination?) for statement jewelery has rubbed off! After weeks of reading your posts and slowly becoming obsessed with getting some, yesterday it happened. I found my very own (mini) statement vintage 50s necklace from this beautiful antiques flea market in my adoptive town, Berlin. 🙂
    Already got many compliments on it at work, so thanks for the fashion inspiration and your blog. 🙂 Bonne semaine.

  5. Lavinia says:

    lovely! congrats :*

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