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24 November 2015 / By / 8 Comments

Ana Morodan 1Tria Alfa earrings – Zara dress 




I`ve been constant Life Updating you lately. It`s starting to be pretty hectic around here these days. This picture is from last week when I was invited to talk about what Luxury means for me at the Luxury PR Classes held by Mihai Dan Zarug at Naked Pr.


Yesterday I was invited to talk about what I would search for in an online endorser at the SMARK KnowHow Marketing for Women conference. Here`s a flashback.






  • Tomorrow it will be hectic too #duh: I`m going to start my day as a speaker also at Business Partnership – Customer Experience & Retail Days 2015 where I`m going to talk about my online marketing experience.


  • After that I have two meetings
  • Then off to Beau Monde to go over my speech – oh, did I tell you that I`M HOSTING AND PRESENTING THEIR PARTY THIS YEAR 9b


  • From 6 pm  I`m going to the Casa di Peroni grand opening.


  • Then at the Beau Monde party for the live act.


  • On Thursday is posting/picture taking all day.


  • On Friday, filming for special projects all day.


  • On Saturday I have to be at Bacau to host a style class


  • On Sunday I`m coming back to Bucharest so I`ll be on the road all day



Being a grown up is…yep…great…and well, sometimes overwhelming. But I`m no easy breazy bunny so bring it ON 6b



*I usually wear black when I`m invited to be a speaker because I think in these kinds of situations is important to draw attention to what are you saying.











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  1. anamaria says:

    mi-ar placea sa te ascult la un astfel de eveniment, sunt sigura ca esti la fel de savuroasa ca si pe blog

  2. Andra Lupu says:

    Doamne, si credeam ca eu am un program haotic 🙂

  3. mia says:

    cerceii sunt superbi

  4. Elena Ivanescu says:

    Cred ca oricum te-ai imbraca, oamenii sunt absolut vrajiti de personalitatea ta 🙂 recunosc, si eu prefer rochiile negre pentru astfel de evenimente

  5. Livia says:

    the earrings are perfect. where from? are they heavy?

  6. Raluca Marin says:

    wow, ce program. cum rezisti?

  7. Cristina Soos says:

    BAFTA and HAVE FUNN <3

  8. elisabeta s. says:

    sa stii ca esti un exemplu pentru multe fete 🙂

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