“I Suppose that’s Better than Blaming Bad Judgement and Gin.”

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25 November 2015 / By / 14 Comments

Ana Morodan 4



Nope, this little Chinchilla was not harmed * however, you have to agree -> I can be majestic playing Cruella de Vi6b

A millennial Cruella de Vil. And as a millennial, I`ve enlarged my range of action far more than dalmatians. 



~What Cruella does best is combining simple pieces with statement items to create her signature ensemble. From her little black dress to her over-the-top black and white hair, Cruella has a style that’s totally diva, but amazing all the same.~


A? Notice any resemblance?



Ana Morodan 2



Noticed that I`m getting better and better in executing a less horror cat eye? A? After 2 years of practicing I`ve come this far #soproud #idiot



Ana Morodan 44m

Ana Morodan 1Ingrid Vlasov cape & skirt – Ana Morodan for Statement Jewelry headband 

Photos by Anca Cheregi





And speaking about this fun/powerful and hysterical character: Here are my top 5 quotes by Cruella de Vil



  • “Glamour is not pretty.”


  • “We lose more women to marriage than war, famine, disease, and disaster.”


  • “I suppose it’s better than blaming bad judgment and gin”


  • `There’s an explanation, of course. You see…I’m a really terrible person.`


  • (To a police officer) “Of course it’s my car. Who else around here is classy enough to drive this?”


  • “Shall I get you a step stool so you can look in my eyes when you threaten me?”




* did you know that if you hold them by their fur practic ramai cu blana in mana? E sistemul lor de aparare, isi leapada blana si ei scapa. Ma rog, manunchiul ala de blana de care tine `atacatorul`. As in this case, me. I was trained and told this before so it`s body to body hugging and holding buddy, you`re not escaping on my watch. 



Here is how we grabbed the little fella. Only by the body. He was quite well behaved. And said he hates social media. I don`t know what`s  wrong with him…










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  1. lilly_Sunshine says:

    awwwwwww worthy :)) ce simpatici sunteti amandoi

  2. Cruella says:

    You are an amazing millennial Cruella 😉

  3. laura says:

    capa e perfecta, ador tot ce face Ingrid Vlasov

  4. Angela C. says:

    Esti pur si simplu surprinzatoare. Iti spun din toata inima ca fiecare postare este o sursa de inspiratie pentru mine

  5. kitty says:

    i loooove chincillas, I had one when I was little, soo cute

  6. Florenta says:

    Inelele si manusile sunt perfecte impreuna

  7. Hermina Z says:

    oh, that headpiece

  8. irina ionescu says:

    Cruella e unul din personajele mele preferate. Stiu ca e un personaj negativ, but I just love her, n-am ce face :))

  9. danna says:

    this is what I call true style…the gloves, the cape, the rings, everything is soooo perfectly put together

  10. Laura Anton says:

    “Shall I get you a step stool so you can look in my eyes when you threaten me?” :)))))))))))) foarte tare, n-o stiam

  11. pamela says:

    cred ca esti combinatia perfecta de Cruella si Edna 🙂

  12. Andra Neagoe says:

    Chinchilla is just a cuter mouse. Isn’t it ? :))

  13. Beatrice says:

    un cat eye perfect, bravo :)) eu mai am de lucru la el, te tin la curent

  14. Fashion Lover says:

    That cape is pure elegance <3

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