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16 May 2011 / By / 7 Comments

I saw this print in a post on Irina’s blog or her Facebook page a year ago. I shared it on my Facebook and save it on my laptop dreaming of the day when I’ll print it.

Don’t you think it’s absolutely adorable? When I enter my house this is the first thing I see and it makes me feel somehow safe.
And because I’m still a little bit shopaholic (on the verge of recovery, I must add) I’ve chosen several people that are somehow important to me and gave each one of them a copy of this print. Some of them got it because  they are close to my heart, and some of them got it because they need to see that beauty and kindness still exist.
So thank you Irina for sharing this with us. 
Btw, you got a print too, it would have been rude not to give you one, after all you’re my fav person from the blogosphere 🙂

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  1. Pretty Alina says:

    Magic and mystery… 😉

  2. Stilistele says:

    that is a nice way to daily feed your soul 😉

  3. AzaharaJS says:

    cute, i like

  4. alina says:

    e minunat.
    cer prea mult daca te rog sa mi-l trimiti pe mail?
    multumesc tare mult.
    p.s.iti citesc blogul zilnic si ma intristez cand nu ai timp sa postezi. esti un suflet frumos.felicitari!!

  5. colorsdiary says:

    i have a draw of this message as well 🙂

  6. alina D says:

    buna, ana,
    revin la rugamintea mea de a-mi trimite si mie pe email printul.
    iti multumesc

  7. Angelina says:

    Sweety, pana akum nu ti-am cerut decat rochitze :)))please, da-mi si mie un e-mail ku postarea, ka m-am indragostit:)
    Love u:*

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